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Travel washing accessories

So last week we looked at how to make a travel washing line. Well, what about all the other important travel washing accessories? These handy accessories are perfect for all kinds of epic travelers with their handy features to suit globetrotters and weekend warriors alike.

Top travel washing accessories

The camping shower is your personal, private warm shower wherever you are. It’s such a smart design – fill the bag and hang it wherever you like. It’s eco-friendly and solar powered – no need for electricity or a water supply. So whether you are camping, at a festival, or on the road, you can get a warm shower without needing to rely on dirty or busy facilities.

Here’s a smart bit of kit: a folding travel mirror. It fits easily into your luggage but gives you the flexibility to set up and shave, wash or apply makeup wherever you are. It folds flat and the plastic case protects the mirror from scratches. Fold it out and the cover also doubles as a stand. So you can get set up and use your mirror anywhere.

Everyone knows hopping on and off aeroplanes is so much easier when you only take hand luggage but there are lots of restrictions. Our travel bottle set is cabin baggage and carry on-friendly. The set of three different-sized bottles complies with all the regulations for liquids in cabin baggage and come in a clear ziplock bag. Perfect for all your toiletries.

There’s no need to compromise on feeling fresh and looking good when you are travelling. Even if you are travelling light. These handy travel washing accessories are perfect for backpackers too.

EpicTraveller has all the gear you need for your epic travels. 

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How to make a travel washing line – and more clever tips

A travel washing line is right up there on our essential travel products list. It’s tiny, so it fits into your suitcase or backpack easily. It’s multi-functional so it really earns that spot in your luggage. Plus, the innovative pegless design means even less you have to carry – no need for separate pegs.

So here’s how to make a travel washing line

No more draping wet clothes over chairs and making a mess everywhere. You can set up your travel washing line anywhere. Depending on your environment and what is available, choose from the suction cup ends or the hooks. You can even tie it around a helpful support. It’s completely flexible. Hotel bathroom, hostel bunk beds, trees in the great outdoors… wherever you are you can set up your travel washing line.

The line is actually several lines twisted together. That’s your clever pegless design. Slipping your clothes between the different lines will hold them in place and stop them falling to the floor. No need to worry about the extra bulk of pegs, or all your washing slipping to the floor.

That’s how to make a travel washing line. But what else can the travel washing line do?

Use it as extra cord to hold your belongings together, set up a privacy screen with a sheet, even build a makeshift shelter or sun cover. It’s a flexible bit of kit and made extra useful with the twisting peg-free design.

Now you can do laundry or dry wet clothes wherever you are.

Once your clothes are dry try out our folding clothes hangers. They fold down to fit in your bag and let you hang your clothes while on the road.

Check out some more of our backpacking accessories to make the most of your epic travels.

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Backpacking accessories that pack a lot into a little package

Check out these backpacking accessories that pack a lot into a little package. Space and weight is at a premium when you are backpacking so all your essentials have to really earn their place in your bag. Browse all our backpacking accessories or have a look at our top choices below.

Catch some zzz’s on the road with our inflatable travel pillow. Whether by plane, train, or automobile, you can snooze in style and comfort. Or while propped up by your bag on the floor of an airport or train station. And it’s inflatable so it rolls down absolutely tiny to fit into your bag.

You need to secure your valuables, your luggage and your rucksack and EpicTraveller has two different padlocks for you to choose from. There’s the fixed-arm TSA-approved travel lock or a more flexible travel lock with cable. Both come in handy packs of three.

A top tip is to save time and hassle at the airport by not checking your luggage. But that means you need to keep an eye on your pack as there are more and more restrictions on what can travel as carry on luggage. Our cabin baggage carry on travel bottle set is exactly that – it complies with carry on liquid rules. There’s three different sizes in the set, perfect for all your different lotions and potions. And you can choose between white/clear, blue or pink.

A personal alarm is an unfortunate necessity. While ours is big in the noise department it is small in every other. Easy to keep in your pack or even on your keys or in your pocket. It can also be used as a door alarm.

Do you have any backpacking accessories you’d like to recommend?

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Is a money belt necessary in Europe?

Money belts for travel

Europe is a pretty safe place to travel. So a bit of complacency might creep in and you might be tempted to cut some corners on security. But you can never be truly safe and it’s always worth taking a few precautions. Like using a money belt to protect your valuables and documents.

So is a money belt necessary in Europe?

Could you leave a bag in a taxi in Europe?

Of course you might. Money belts don’t just protect against thieves, they keep your valuables close and on your body at all times.

Could you get pickpocketed in a busy tourist spot?

Unfortunately, yes. Europe is safe compared to many places but you are always vulnerable to petty crime. Thieves can target tourists who have their guard down.

And what effect would losing your cash, cards, tickets, car keys, passports and other important documents have on your holiday or travels?

It would be an inconvenience at best, leading to queues and administration and bureaucracy. Hours on the phone to your bank – charged at overseas rates of course. Hours at an embassy getting replacement documentation. At worst it could lead to serious disruption and distress. It might even cut your holiday short.

Is a money belt necessary in Europe? We think so. Using a money belt means you are in control of your valuables. You don’t have to leave them in your hotel room or a compromised safe. You don’t have to keep your passport vulnerable in a bag.

You don’t have to risk your holiday – you can use a money belt.

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Travel essentials to look good and feel great

Just because you are travelling doesn’t mean you have to let your grooming and personal care go wanting. EpicTraveller’s travel essentials make sure you stay looking sharp and feeling fresh.

Travel essentials #1: the folding travel mirror

You need to be able to see what you are doing so the first of our travel essentials is this handy folding travel mirror. It folds flat for easy storage and packing, which also protects the glass. You can have a shave or apply makeup no matter where you are.

Travel essentials #2: the portable shower

This portable camping shower is a big favourite at EpicTraveller. It solves the big issue with camping – hygiene and general cleanliness. It can also be used on the road. Avoid dirty or crowded communal bathrooms with a camping shower you can use anywhere. It even warms up the water without needing any electricity.

Travel essentials #3: the travel washing line

If you can wash yourself anywhere you should also be able to dry anything anywhere. The travel washing line has hooks and suction cups so it can be hung up anywhere. Dry off clothes that got soaked in a sudden downpour or do an extra bit of laundry overnight. You don’t even need pegs, the innovative twisting washing line is peg-free.

Travel essentials #4: folding clothes hangers

Yes, you read that right. These are folding clothes hangers that fold up so they can slip into your luggage. When you arrive, hang your clothes in the style they are accustomed to. They come in a great value pack of five. No creases here, you stay looking sharp with properly hung clothes.

EpicTraveller has got all the travel essentials you need to look good and feel great on your epic travels.

Have you got any essential travel suggestions?

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Share music on the road with a headphone splitter

Take your music on the road with you – and share it with your travelling companions using a headphone splitter.

Music transcends language barriers. The biggest popstars are icons all over the world, the biggest tunes are known everywhere. It’s an amazing way to bond with people, over a common love of music or sharing your favourites.

You don’t have to hand over your headphones if you want someone to hear your favourite piece. Using a headphone splitter you can both listen at the same time and really share the experience.

A headphone splitter, or audio jack splitter, has a 3.5mm jack like normal headphones that plugs into the audio port of whatever device you are using. But instead of going directly to earbuds, it then splits again, giving you two new audio jack ports to plug your actual headphones into.

It doesn’t just have to be for music either. Watch a film together on a long journey to pass the time.

Some of’s top tips for listening to music while off on your epic travels…

  • Addicted to Spotify? With Spotify Premium you can download your favourite albums, tracks and playlists to listen to anytime. Might be worth splashing out on for a month so you can listen without wifi.
  • Many people now listen to music on their phone, using it as an MP3 player. It’s handy to have to carry less gadgets. But when you are travelling a dead phone battery could be a real problem. A separate, small, easy to charge MP3 player might be a good idea.
  • If you are travelling in a pair or a group you can carry less gadgets or conserve battery life by sharing an MP3 player or phone and using a headphone splitter to listen together.

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Our top 3 traveling accessories

Traveling accessories need to justify their space in your luggage – a competitive spot – and one of the best ways to prove their worth is to do double or more duty. The smartest, most versatile traveling accessories really pull their weight. Here are’s top picks…

Top traveling accessories for your epic travels

The money belt may not be trendy but it is definitely essential. Our low profile waterproof money belt sits unobtrusively under your clothes and has zippered pockets for all your important documents, cash, cards and valuables. You don’t want your holiday ruined by theft or loss of your money or documents. That’s hours on the phone to your bank back home, or queueing at the embassy for an emergency passport replacement.

Travel washing lineTalking about versatile, this travel washing line is one clever – and tiny – bit of kit. Do your washing and laundry anywhere and hang your clothes up to dry with the clothes line. It has suction cups as well as hooks to attach it anywhere and it’s super-smart pegless design means you don’t need to carry bulky pegs. If you need to dry off some soaked clothes or just want to do some essentials overnight it is the perfect solution. No relying on the facilities or having to pay.

And finally, a personal alarm. It’s not nice to think about but having a personal alarm among your traveling accessories lets you travel with confidence. Our 120dB super-loud personal alarm scares off attackers and attracts help. Use it as an attack alarm or rape alarm plus, the versatile little thing can even be used as a door alarm. Attach one side to the door handle, the other side to the door frame and if the door is opened it pulls the pin and sounds the alarm, alerting you to anyone trying to enter your room.

Got any top tips for the best traveling accessories?

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Ski bands to the rescue for little travel problems

When you are travelling and heading off to the slopes for some skiing you just need things to be simple. The little annoyances of everyday life should be banished as far as possible, so you can relax and concentrate on the finer things in life.

Unfortunately, travelling often throws up more of these little problems. And some of them can really derail your day, waste time and create unnecessary hassle.

EpicTraveller’s clever travel accessories set out to fix these problems.

Enter ski bands, a simple idea to fix your skis together with Velcro that will make a big difference. The bands hold your skis together while you are carrying them, when they are being transported with luggage, or propped up in a bar or cafe for an apres-ski session.

No more slipping around, falling or getting separated. You can also use the ski bands to quickly identify your skis from any others.

Some other handy travel accessories include the luggage stacking strap and luggage connection strap. They hold your luggage together so there are no spills at the airport and in transit. Secure your bags to each other so nothing slips or falls off the baggage trolley. The luggage stacking strap is especially handy when you have a smaller bag such as a laptop.

You also won’t want to be without portable luggage scales so you can keep an eye on the weight of your luggage and avoid any extra fees and charges. Secure your luggage, bags, skis and other items with our flexible travel luggage lock with cable.

Travel with less hassle thanks to our ski ties and other handy travel accessories.

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The portable shower – solving camping’s big problem

Portable Shower Camping Bonfire

There’s nothing like being in the great outdoors. Living in the fresh air, eating outside and sleeping with only a thin layer of canvas between you and the stars. Camping is a perfect way to get back to basics in the modern world and slow down the pace of life. It’s easy to paint an idyllic picture of camping, at least for those who don’t have a phobia of spiders and other creepy crawlies.

Many campsites have great facilities and all the mod cons. Glistening shower blocks, electric hookups, games rooms, shops and cafes. This and the increasingly popular glamping, is not a style of camping for everyone, however.

Even if we prefer the more secluded, back to basics approach there’s something no-one prefers: getting smelly and dirty with greasy hair and having to wash under a freezing cold tap in the corner of a field, or not washing at all. If you are camping at a festival things take on a whole new dimension of queueing for muddy showers in the company of hundreds of others.

It’s not ideal and it’s a serious downside to camping. Living simply and taking a break from the rat race is one thing – maintaining basic personal hygiene is quite another.

What about using some sort of portable shower?

The solution is the camping portable shower. No puritan camper can scoff at this and there’s nothing “mod con” about it but it will make all the difference to your camping experience. Hang it up on a tree in a discreet corner somewhere, fill with water and let the water heat up in the sun. (If at this point you are thinking, “Sun? What sun?” it’s still better than washing under a standpipe.) Then you use the nozzle for a much more convenient portable shower-like experience.

EpicTraveller’s solar camping shower is a fantastic deal and will massively change your camping experience.

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Travel accessories for men

Travel accessories for men

EpicTraveller has a fantastic range of travel accessories for men. We believe life is a journey, not a destination. So we have everything you need for your own epic travels. To make life easier, keep you safer and get more out of your own journey.

Travel accessories for security

To keep you safe and secure EpicTraveller has everything you need. We have two different money belts – your standard money belt and an extra-secure travel belt. To look after your luggage we have two different padlocks – a TSA-approved fixed padlock and the more flexible cable padlock. A door stop alarm keeps you safe in your accommodation and a personal alarm gives you peace of mind when out and about.

Travel accessories to tackle the hassle

When you are travelling it’s pretty common to pause and think about some great invention that would make life easier. These travel accessories take the hassle out of travelling. Hang up your clothes anywhere with our compact, folding clothes hangers. They take up next to no room in your luggage but keep you looking wrinkle-free.

Our audio jack splitter is great for on the plane, train or bus when you want to share your music with someone. And sneak in a snooze in comfort with our inflatable travel pillow.

Travel accessories for men from

Not only do we have all the gadgets and travel accessories for men, we have all the extras to make your travel plans go off smoothly. With discounts available and great deals on sales you get the best value. Plus free delivery on all our items and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.