Ski Straps / Ski Ties (Velcro – Pack of 2) – Keep Your Skis Together

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Keep your kit together with’s ski bands.



Keep your kit together with’s ski straps.

These Velcro ski ties hold your skis securely to stop them sliding around while you head to the slopes. No more juggling slipping skis while you walk or get onto transport.

After a good day on the slopes use the ski straps to keep your skis together propped up in a café or bar après-ski. They also make your skis easy to spot and stop any mix ups.

The ski bands come in a pack of two, of strong Velcro and are 38mm wide.

Why choose our ski straps / ski ties?

  • Easy handling – stop your skis slipping while carrying them.
  • Keep your skis together whenever you put them down.
  • Securely store your skis together.
  • Quickly spot your skis with unique ski ties.
  • Pack of two strong Velcro ski ties, 38mm wide.