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Share music on the road with a headphone splitter

Take your music on the road with you – and share it with your travelling companions using a headphone splitter.

Music transcends language barriers. The biggest popstars are icons all over the world, the biggest tunes are known everywhere. It’s an amazing way to bond with people, over a common love of music or sharing your favourites.

You don’t have to hand over your headphones if you want someone to hear your favourite piece. Using a headphone splitter you can both listen at the same time and really share the experience.

A headphone splitter, or audio jack splitter, has a 3.5mm jack like normal headphones that plugs into the audio port of whatever device you are using. But instead of going directly to earbuds, it then splits again, giving you two new audio jack ports to plug your actual headphones into.

It doesn’t just have to be for music either. Watch a film together on a long journey to pass the time.

Some of’s top tips for listening to music while off on your epic travels…

  • Addicted to Spotify? With Spotify Premium you can download your favourite albums, tracks and playlists to listen to anytime. Might be worth splashing out on for a month so you can listen without wifi.
  • Many people now listen to music on their phone, using it as an MP3 player. It’s handy to have to carry less gadgets. But when you are travelling a dead phone battery could be a real problem. A separate, small, easy to charge MP3 player might be a good idea.
  • If you are travelling in a pair or a group you can carry less gadgets or conserve battery life by sharing an MP3 player or phone and using a headphone splitter to listen together.

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Ear plugs and travel pillow to the rescue

It can be tough to get good rest while you are on the road. Plus you want to be full of adventure for all your adventures. Travelling, jet lag, unfamiliar beds, noisy hostels or hotels, all make it hard to get the shut-eye you need. But ear plugs and a travel pillow will save the day – or night.

Ear plugs are heroes of travel accessories. They might be tiny but they do an important job. The ear plugs will block out the noise of a busy street when you are trying to sleep at night. Or the sound of other passengers on a plane or bus. So you can relax without any distracting noise and have a restful sleep. After your nap or the next morning you will be full of energy and ready to go.’s ear plugs come in a handy pack of five so you always have some on hand or can share them out among family or friends. Each has their own little case to keep them organised and together so they don’t get lost in your luggage.

You might try to snatch some sleep waiting at an airport or in an uncomfortable seat on a plane or bus. Maybe you want to have a nap but you can’t get comfy or end up with a crick in your neck. You need an inflatable travel pillow.

The travel pillow from EpicTraveller folds down flat and takes up virtually no room in your luggage. But you can whip it out whenever the opportunity to catch some zzz’s arises. It fits snugly around your neck in a U shape and will provide your neck and head with support in any position.

Ear plugs and a travel pillow mean you can make the most of your epic adventure and get some rest even when you are on the go.

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Our top 3 traveling accessories

Traveling accessories need to justify their space in your luggage – a competitive spot – and one of the best ways to prove their worth is to do double or more duty. The smartest, most versatile traveling accessories really pull their weight. Here are’s top picks…

Top traveling accessories for your epic travels

The money belt may not be trendy but it is definitely essential. Our low profile waterproof money belt sits unobtrusively under your clothes and has zippered pockets for all your important documents, cash, cards and valuables. You don’t want your holiday ruined by theft or loss of your money or documents. That’s hours on the phone to your bank back home, or queueing at the embassy for an emergency passport replacement.

Travel washing lineTalking about versatile, this travel washing line is one clever – and tiny – bit of kit. Do your washing and laundry anywhere and hang your clothes up to dry with the clothes line. It has suction cups as well as hooks to attach it anywhere and it’s super-smart pegless design means you don’t need to carry bulky pegs. If you need to dry off some soaked clothes or just want to do some essentials overnight it is the perfect solution. No relying on the facilities or having to pay.

And finally, a personal alarm. It’s not nice to think about but having a personal alarm among your traveling accessories lets you travel with confidence. Our 120dB super-loud personal alarm scares off attackers and attracts help. Use it as an attack alarm or rape alarm plus, the versatile little thing can even be used as a door alarm. Attach one side to the door handle, the other side to the door frame and if the door is opened it pulls the pin and sounds the alarm, alerting you to anyone trying to enter your room.

Got any top tips for the best traveling accessories?

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Ski bands to the rescue for little travel problems

When you are travelling and heading off to the slopes for some skiing you just need things to be simple. The little annoyances of everyday life should be banished as far as possible, so you can relax and concentrate on the finer things in life.

Unfortunately, travelling often throws up more of these little problems. And some of them can really derail your day, waste time and create unnecessary hassle.

EpicTraveller’s clever travel accessories set out to fix these problems.

Enter ski bands, a simple idea to fix your skis together with Velcro that will make a big difference. The bands hold your skis together while you are carrying them, when they are being transported with luggage, or propped up in a bar or cafe for an apres-ski session.

No more slipping around, falling or getting separated. You can also use the ski bands to quickly identify your skis from any others.

Some other handy travel accessories include the luggage stacking strap and luggage connection strap. They hold your luggage together so there are no spills at the airport and in transit. Secure your bags to each other so nothing slips or falls off the baggage trolley. The luggage stacking strap is especially handy when you have a smaller bag such as a laptop.

You also won’t want to be without portable luggage scales so you can keep an eye on the weight of your luggage and avoid any extra fees and charges. Secure your luggage, bags, skis and other items with our flexible travel luggage lock with cable.

Travel with less hassle thanks to our ski ties and other handy travel accessories.

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The camping shower – solving camping’s big problem

There’s nothing like being in the great outdoors. Living in the fresh air, eating outside and sleeping with only a thin layer of canvas between you and the stars. Camping is a perfect way to get back to basics in the modern world and slow down the pace of life. It’s easy to paint an idyllic picture of camping, at least for those who don’t have a phobia of spiders and other creepy crawlies.

Many campsites have great facilities and all the mod cons. Glistening shower blocks, electric hookups, games rooms, shops and cafes. This and the increasingly popular glamping, is not a style of camping for everyone, however.

Even if we prefer the more secluded, back to basics approach there’s something no-one prefers: getting smelly and dirty with greasy hair and having to wash under a freezing cold tap in the corner of a field, or not washing at all. If you are camping at a festival things take on a whole new dimension of queueing for muddy showers in the company of hundreds of others.

It’s not ideal and it’s a serious downside to camping. Living simply and taking a break from the rat race is one thing – maintaining basic personal hygiene is quite another.

The solution is the portable camping shower. No puritan camper can scoff at this and there’s nothing “mod con” about it but it will make all the difference to your camping experience. Hang it up on a tree in a discreet corner somewhere, fill with water and let the water heat up in the sun. (If at this point you are thinking, “Sun? What sun?” it’s still better than washing under a standpipe.) Then you use the nozzle for a much more convenient shower-like experience.

EpicTraveller’s solar camping shower is a fantastic deal and will massively change your camping experience.

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Travel accessories for men

Travel accessories for men

EpicTraveller has a fantastic range of travel accessories for men. We believe life is a journey, not a destination. So we have everything you need for your own epic travels. To make life easier, keep you safer and get more out of your own journey.

Travel accessories for security

To keep you safe and secure EpicTraveller has everything you need. We have two different money belts – your standard money belt and an extra-secure travel belt. To look after your luggage we have two different padlocks – a TSA-approved fixed padlock and the more flexible cable padlock. A door stop alarm keeps you safe in your accommodation and a personal alarm gives you peace of mind when out and about.

Travel accessories to tackle the hassle

When you are travelling it’s pretty common to pause and think about some great invention that would make life easier. These travel accessories take the hassle out of travelling. Hang up your clothes anywhere with our compact, folding clothes hangers. They take up next to no room in your luggage but keep you looking wrinkle-free.

Our audio jack splitter is great for on the plane, train or bus when you want to share your music with someone. And sneak in a snooze in comfort with our inflatable travel pillow.

Travel accessories for men from

Not only do we have all the gadgets and travel accessories for men, we have all the extras to make your travel plans go off smoothly. With discounts available and great deals on sales you get the best value. Plus free delivery on all our items and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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Money belts for travel

Money belts for travel

Off on holiday this year and want to make sure your cash, cards, important documents and passports stay safe and secure? You don’t want your holiday ruined by theft or loss, having to spend hours on the phone to your bank or queuing at the embassy. Protect yourself by using money belts for travel and reduce the chance of having your valuable stolen.

Keeping your possessions safe: money belts for travel

A money belt is ideal for travel and allows you to discreetly keep your valuables on you at all times. You might not want to leave your money or documents in your room. What happens if there’s burglary? Or you might not feel comfortable even leaving them in a safe without knowing who could have access. In some countries you might need to be able to produce important documents if asked when you are out and about or might need them for something. But carrying them in a pocket or bag isn’t secure enough.

Money belt ideal for travel

The money belt goes under your clothes to be hidden from view. It can’t be grabbed and stolen like a handbag or any exterior bag. Other people won’t even know it’s there. As it is so close to your body and under your clothes it is safe from pickpockets or opportunist thieves. Nor can you accidentally leave it anywhere or drop it.

We offer two options: our popular low-profile and waterproof standard money belt or the extra-safe travel security belt with a metal buckle and hidden pocket. Both are designed to blend in beneath your clothes and be unnoticeable. They have multiple zipped pockets to organise your valuables. Money belts can fit cash, traveller’s cheques, bank cards, passports, visas, tickets, important documents, jewellery and valuables.

To make sure your travel goes off without a hitch we have even more security products like our TSA-approved padlocks and a door stop alarm.

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The ingenious travel door stop alarm

Your security can be a big concern when you are travelling. While part of the fun is getting out of your comfort zone, doing new things and meeting new people, there is an element of danger to that too. Rundown hostels with rickety doors full of strangers are not uncommon encounters. Even in the more upmarket hotels it pays to be careful.

It’s a nightmare scenario – but what happens if someone tries to break into your room while you sleep? With the travel door stop alarm what will happen is a super loud 120 decibel alarm ringing out. It scares off the intruder, wakes you up to the danger and alerts everyone nearby.

It’s an ingenious solution to an all-too-common problem. You just tuck the wedge-shaped alarm under your door as you would a normal door stop. Switch it on at the back and you can also choose from high, medium, or low sensitivity. Then you can go to bed safe in the knowledge that no-one is breaking into your room unnoticed. The pressure plate will sound the 120db alarm if it is triggered by anyone trying to open the door. It’s easy to switch off in case of false alarms or when you are ready to go again in the morning.

Our personal attack alarm doubles as a door alarm too. Normally kept on your person as a rape alarm it can also be attached to the door and the frame so that when the door is opened the pin is pulled and the alarm sounds.

Avoid having to worry about safety and security when you are travelling by preparing with a door stop alarm.

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Rape alarm and personal alarm options

Rape Alarm

You don’t want to think about needing a rape alarm or personal alarm when you are away on your travels. But having an alarm will give you that extra sense of security knowing that you can deal with any situation quickly and effectively.

So when you are picking a personal alarm or rape alarm here are some options to think about.

Events can turn bad in a second so you need to know how to use your personal alarm. This means putting in a bit of practice beforehand. Make sure you can activate it quickly and that you keep it in the best pocket, or on your keychain, somewhere you can get to it easily. This practice means you don’t want a single-use alarm and you need to be able to deactivate it simply, usually by re-inserting the pin. Test it out and make sure you are comfortable with how the alarm works.

Try learning a few words for emergencies in the local language. Even if you are travelling somewhere English is widely spoken not only is being able to speak a few words polite but in an emergency they could summon help faster. It’s often said that shouting “help” or “rape” isn’t the most effective – so try “fire” instead.

What is a rape alarm?

Of course with a rape alarm like our personal alarm and its super-loud 120 decibel alarm there’s no doubt you need help. The personal alarm can even be used as a door alarm by attaching one side to the handle and the other to the door frame so the pin is pulled if the door is opened.

A personal alarm is one of those things you take away with you hoping you never have to use. But having a rape alarm with you will give you the confidence to fully enjoy your holiday.

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5 Outdoor Travel gear shops in UK

If you are planning to go hiking, trekking or simply out in the vast woods out there, make sure to buy appropriate travel gear for it. Unless you are wearing the right clothes and carrying the right accessories, outdoor travel can become a nightmare. Here is a list of 5 such travel gear shops in the UK where you will find appropriate and good quality apparel and travel gear for your adventure.
1. Rock + Run
A great shop for technical mountaineering gear and apparel. Their staff is a part of the mountaineering community in the UK and will be able to help you pick up the right travel gear.
2. Outdoor Emporium
Though a small family run camping shop, these guys are always well-stocked and their knowledgeable staff have the best advice when it comes to picking up good camping gear.
3. Ellis Brigham
A popular mountaineering shop in the UK, it started out as a cycling shoes fitter. 23 stores across UK, knowledgeable staff and a wide range of kit will help you make the right choice for any type of expedition you are planning for.
4. Snow + Rock
Initially a shop for skiing and snowboarding gear, Snow + Rock today carries a good range of camping gear as well for your outdoor travel requirement.
5. Waterloo camping
One of most well-stocked shop, Waterloo camping is an army surplus store with a wide range of military apparel and camping gear.
While some of you might prefer shopping online, a visit to these brick and mortar stores is a treat in itself.