Camping Shower – Portable Solar Travel Shower

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Stay fresh on the road using this simple portable travel shower that is ideal for camping, music festivals and off the beaten track adventures.


Just because you are off on an adventure doesn’t mean you have to miss all the comforts of home. EpicTraveller’s portable solar camping shower means you can have a warm shower wherever you are.

Stay fresh on the road using a portable camping shower

Whether you are camping, travelling or at a festival it can be a struggle to keep clean. The facilities might be crowded, dirty, or just plain non-existent. Bring your own shower along instead. Then when you are done, take it away with you to use again.

Hang the bag from a tree, hook, or similar place, and allow it to heat up in the sun. Then use the attached shower nozzle to bathe with. No pipes, no connection to the water supply, no electricity or power needed.

You can enjoy the convenience of a shower rather than a strip wash or using a standpipe – much easier to get clean when using something so close to a normal shower. Set the shower up wherever you like to get some privacy or away from the rush and queues of other people waiting to use the facilities. And get some added warmth where hot water isn’t available, there might not be power to heat water, or any hot water left over.

It’s eco-friendly and solar powered; it can still provide you with warm water in the middle of nowhere or without power. If you are enjoying a pared-down retreat away from mod-cons the shower is simple enough to fit in. The shower only uses the heat of the sun and power of gravity.

It’s the perfect antidote to busy, dirty bathroom facilities in hostels, at campsites or at festivals.

No need to be dependent on the facilities offered – you have your own.

Get complete flexibility wherever you are with a portable travel shower.


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