What are ski ties?

What are ski ties?

What are ski ties? And why do we love them so much?

We’ve raved a few times about how this simple little strip of fabric can make a world of difference to your skiing trip. It makes your life easier and looks after your skis too.

So what are ski ties?

Ski ties are the simple, low-tech way to secure your skis. They don’t look all that impressive but their application is really something.

Alternately called ski straps, ski bands, or ski ties they are fabric strips with hook-and-loop fastener on one side. They are made to securely clamp down on your skis. They are totally adjustable to the width of your skis. At 55mm wide they are large enough to provide a solid support for your skis.

Our ski ties come in a pack of two. Because they aren’t a band or in a loop themselves they fold out flat and can be attached anywhere along your skis with total ease. They are really easy to take off, just pull them away and the hook-and-loop rips apart easily. So it’s quick and can be done one-handed.

The ski ties are a discreet, cool black. You can modify them yourself and even add a longer strap between the two, to help you carry your skis by slinging them over your shoulder.

What are ski ties actually for?

Why do you even need ski ties? Lots of reasons.

First of all, their main job is to hold your skis securely and stop them moving or slipping over each other. Even very tiny friction can scratch and scrape your skis. Being jostled around in transport or while being carried can damage the sensitive and important surface of your skis.

By strapping your skis firmly together with ski ties you stop them from moving against each other – and stop the damage.

This is important when you are moving them around on your holiday, and even more so when they are in transit to the resort. Even when storing the skis at home they could slip or rub. Using ski ties avoids the movement that causes those small scratches and scrapes to your skis.

Skis can be unwieldy to carry yourself. Having them strapped securely together makes them much easier to handle. They won’t be slipping out of your grasp or falling to the floor. This prevents both damage and embarrassment!

It’s easy to handle the skis when you are on ski lifts, getting on and off trains, or just carrying them around.

Two skis strapped together is also much sturdier to prop up against a wall in a bar when you are indulging after a tiring day on the slopes, or in your accommodation.

Ski ties make a huge difference considering how small and simple they are.

For ski ties and our vegan ski socks at a great price have a look at our Ski Bundle! And our Security Bundle has everything you need to stay safe and secure while off on your adventures.

Photo by Ben Koorengevel on Unsplash