How effective are personal alarms?

How effective are personal alarms?

How effective are personal alarms at keeping you safe? It’s not a nice thing to have to think about but you do need to be aware of safety and security both on your travels and at home.

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The benefits of personal alarms

There are lots of advantages to using a personal alarm, even over other security devices.

First of all, personal alarms are small and discreet. Epic Traveller’s personal alarm is just 6cm long, 3.5cm wide and 1.5cm deep. So it fits easily into a bag or pocket.

At the same time, it can be good to have an alarm on show to avoid being targetted in the first place. This visual deterrent can stop confrontations before they start. It shows you are not the easy pickings that thieves or muggers prefer to prey on.

A personal alarm with a pull pin is very easy to use. Just pull on the cord and an incredibly loud 120dB alarm will sound. It provokes a visceral reaction in people who are close to it. Attackers will be startled and surprised and will know that it will attract attention. Passersby will be alerted.

It is louder and more urgent than shouting for help, or than a whistle or similar items.

They are also perfectly legal to carry, unlike some self-defence items such as sprays.

Our personal alarm is also reusable. Just pop the pin back in once you don’t need it anymore, or if there’s a false alarm.

How effective are personal alarms?

Personal alarms are great for tourists and travellers and particularly popular among women. You can also use them at home: students returning late from the library, elderly people in case of falls or intruders, and anytime you might need to summon help.

The alarm has a keyring attachment but it’s not just for keys. You can attach it to your bag strap or outside of your clothes. This has the advantage of being able to use it one-handed. Just grab the pin and pull it.

One time you shouldn’t use this kind of alarm is for hiking and outdoor pursuits. Batteries lose their charge in low temperatures. So it might not be completely reliable in the rigours and rough and tumble of the outdoors. In that case, an emergency whistle is much more suitable.

More travel security options

Personal alarms are only part of the picture.

A popular alarm is the doorstop alarm. It fits under the door of your accommodation and the alarm will sound if the door is tampered with or forced. It’s a great addition to your safety lineup.

Don’t forget your padlocks – we have TSA-approved locks, ski locks with long cables, and even a biometric fingerprint lock! There’s also a money belt to keep your valuables under wraps, and webcam covers to safeguard your privacy.

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Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash