Travel Door Alarm – Door Stop Alarm for Travelling


Travel with confidence using’s door stop alarm that will alert you to anyone trying to enter your room. A simple pressure plate that will sound an alarm if the door is tampered with. Can be used in hostels, hotels, guest houses and any accommodation for peace of mind.


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Travel with confidence using’s travel door alarm that will alert you to anyone trying to enter your room.

The powerful 120-decibel travel door alarm can be wedged under the door of a hotel room, hostel or dormitory and will sound if the door is opened. The loud alarm will activate and scare off intruders or anyone entering the room while you sleep. It will also wake up and alert you and any other people in the room or nearby.

Security is always a concern for even the most intrepid adventurer. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling alone or part of a group. With this unique door stop alarm now you can now sleep easy in your hostel, AirBnB or hotel. Protect yourself and your valuables from intruders trying to gain entry to your room.

A small and portable travel door alarm to keep you safe

Like all of our products, the door stop alarm is portable and will not take up too much space in your luggage. It is lightweight and robust so that it can withstand the longest of journeys. Plus, it will provide peace of mind night after night. You can have the confidence to go where the adventure takes you.

It’s a sad reality that even while you are having the holiday of a lifetime there are worries about safety and security. But you can get peace of mind and allow yourself to relax just by taking a few simple precautions. Using the door alarm means you can sleep soundly at night even in the most unfamiliar of settings. You don’t need to worry about break-ins or intruders.

Types of travel door alarm

Most travel door alarms work by triggering an alarm when the wedge is pushed against (ie when someone is trying to get into your room). They can also be used without the alarm activated as a standard door stop wedge. They can be very effective in both cases as door stop alarms are generally much sturdier than rubber door stops so they work excellently to stop someone from getting into your room.

Advantages of a travel door alarm

The prime advantage of using a door stop alarm is the (very loud) warning that someone is trying to gain access to the room while you’re sleeping. These alarms are so loud the shock of setting off the alarm may deter the attacker alone. The door stop will continue to stop the door from opening after the alarm has been triggered.

Travel door stop alarm FAQs

Does my door stop alarm need a battery?

Yes, our travel door alarms use a standard 9V battery (not included).

Will a travel door alarm work on any door?

Travel door stop alarms should work on any inward opening door – ideal for bedrooms or dorms.

Our travel door stop warranty gives a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee along with a one year durability guarantee (registration required). If your product breaks within a year, we’ll replace it free of charge.

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