Our Ethics

Here at Epic Traveller we believe in protecting the planet, and the people who live on it. We don’t want our adventures and happy times to come at a cost to the planet and its people. So we concentrate on the sustainability of our products and systems, and ethical and environmental concerns.

On this page you can find out more about those values including how we balance environmental and ethical concerns, the action we take on working conditions and animal welfare.

100% Vegan Range

We have been working hard to phase out any animal byproducts from our offerings. All the products sold here on our website are now 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

This can be as small as the type of glue used in a brush. But we are committed to finding and providing vegan alternatives to common items. Not only does this prevent animal cruelty and suffering but benefits the environment by cutting down on intensive and destructive farming practices.

CO2 Neutral

We are very aware of the ravages of climate change on our world. The severe threat this poses, along with other environmental concerns such as clean oceans and clean air are top of our minds. We want to enjoy our epic adventures, not cause more problems for our fragile environment.

Reducing our carbon footprint is something we are always working on. In both the manufacture and transport of our products we are always looking for better practices. We have reduced our use of air freight and use sea freight instead whenever possible.

Because there is still a carbon impact we committed to neutralising our carbon footprint with carbon offsetting. This involves sponsoring the plantation of trees that can balance out the carbon dioxide created.

Carbon Offsets

Our dedication to sustainability runs across our brand. We investigate the most sustainable methods for everything from heating our offices to choosing packaging.

The links below show the carbon offsets we purchased to cover the emissions that we haven’t been able to cut. The certificates show the name of our parent company, Lime Creations Ltd.

2017 – 5 tonnes – Download Certificate

2018 – 20 tonnes – Download Certificate

2019 – 40 tonnes – Download Certificate

2020 – 40 tonnes – Download Certificate

Working Conditions

Everyone has the right to safe working conditions. We work with our suppliers and manufacturers to make sure everyone involved in Epic Traveller products at every stage has reasonable and safe conditions to work on. That’s everyone who develops, produces, packages, and delivers products to you.

This year we are using the Fair Labor Association Code of Conduct as a minimum standard for fair and safe working conditions that all our suppliers must adhere to.  

International trade, we believe, is transformative in poverty reduction. Our products may be made in developing countries, or use parts from developing countries. It’s important to us to provide employment in areas and to people who need it the most. We work to make sure a reasonable wage is paid when compared to living costs.

Fair Tax

As a UK registered company we will always pay our full – and fair – share of all applicable UK corporation tax.