What is a camp shower?

What is a camp shower?

We’re big fans of camp showers here and talk about them regularly, but what is a camp shower really? And why do we love them so much?

What is a camp shower and why is it so great?

Camp showers are a fantastic way to keep clean and comfortable while in the great outdoors. With a camp shower you don’t need to worry about getting off the beaten path. You can shower wherever, whenever.

Whether you are wild camping, out in your van, or hitting the festivals, a camp shower is just what you need.

So what is a camp shower? Very simply it’s a bag for water and a hose attachment. More than that, it’s a way to get a warm shower without plumbing or electricity.

All you do is fill the black bag with water. It holds 20 litres which is plenty for a shower. Putting the bag in the sun warms up the water. This usually takes about an hour but it can depend on the temperature outside and the strength of the sun. Even if the sun doesn’t seem to be shining it will still work, it just might take a little longer.

You can position the bag however and wherever you want. It will need to be above head height for gravity to do its work. It can be hung using the handle or an additional hook. Or it can be laid down. So it can be laid on the roof of your van, hung from a tree branch, or even placed within the tree branches.

Then you open the valve for the water and use the shower attachment. You can hold the shower head in your hand or position it for a full shower experience.

Upgrading your camp shower

A camp shower means you can take a shower pretty much anywhere. So you can get a bit of privacy or skip the queues at the festival. You don’t need to strip wash out a bucket. It can be a real home from home experience. And it can be a warm shower too. No more using water from freezing cold standpipes.

That’s already an upgrade on your standard vanlife or wild camping experience. But some people customise their shower even further. You can easily put together a screen for more privacy, and a mat to stand on. If you are stopping in the same place a while you can set up a little shower area. Just make sure you leave no trace when you move on.

When you are showering in the wild without plumbing you should always use the appropriate soap and shampoo. It needs to be specially formulated for outdoor use so it’s not damaging to fauna and flora. You can get these products from camping supply shops.

So hopefully you’ve now got a much better idea about what a camp shower is and why we love them so much!

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash