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Epic Traveller’s range of backpacking products has everything you need for your epic adventure – as well as a few handy ideas you might not have thought of.

Our recommended backpacking products are all chosen to make your life on the road easier. From camp showers to a simple spork or smart washing line. Each item deserves a spot in your backpack.

Not only are all our backpacking products useful for life on the road, they fit in well too. Emphasis is on lightweight, small gear that won’t take up precious space in your luggage. Every item in your pack has to earn its place and these picks are no different.

Everything is hand-picked to make your epic travels easier, and safer

Your must-have backpacking items include comfort in the form of the inflatable pillow, convenience with the spork, plus safety and security from padlocks and alarms. Don’t forget to check out the popular camp shower, or the innovative peg-free travel washing line.

These fantastic items deserve their own collection because of the unique demands placed on backpacking products. You can’t drag around lots of gear including pieces that might only get used once, are too big or too heavy.

Each piece earns its spot by being lightweight, packing down small, providing a great solution to a common problem – like the camping shower that doesn’t need electricity or plumbing – and ideally having multiple uses.

Flexibility is the key when you are backpacking. A personal attack alarm isn’t just useful when you are out and about. It can be used in your hostel to secure doors and windows and alert you if anyone tries to get into your room.

The inflatable pillow folds down to almost nothing for transport. But when you get the chance to snooze it comes into its own. Travelling can be exhausting and involve a lot of waiting around in airports or stations, as well as time in transit. So get comfy and relax!

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Backpacking Travel Accessories

Backpacking Bundle

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Backpacking Travel Accessories

LED Head Torch – USB Rechargeable

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Backpacking Travel Accessories

Packing Cubes – Pack of 6

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