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Lightweight, small and low-cost travel luggage scales for weighing your baggage before you get to the airport. Get an accurate measurement with easy-to-use luggage scales so you don’t pay extra baggage fees or make unnecessary sacrifices in your packing.


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Avoid excess charges at the airport by using portable digital luggage scales by

Stick to your baggage limits and avoid charges by measuring your luggage before you travel. Our digital luggage scale gives a clear reading so you don’t get an unpleasant surprise when you come to check in. This portable digital luggage scale is small and easy to use and a must for packing your bags. You can even take it with you to make sure your return journey is within the limits.

Know your luggage weight before you get to check-in and avoid large fees from airlines. Some luggage limits before paying for extra are low and not always obvious. Make sure you check your baggage allowance before you fly. Then use the luggage scales to make sure your suitcases and bags are under the limit.

Nor do you need to leave items out of your packing for fear of going over the limit. Make the most of your baggage allowance with an accurate measurement.

It can be hard to tell just by lifting and trying to guess the weight yourself. And other scales around the house are either designed for much smaller weights – like kitchen scales – or, like body weight scales, are tricky to use for luggage and won’t give accurate readings.

Why Use Travel Luggage Scales?

  • Check your luggage weight against your airline’s allowance, or to make sure your bag can go on as hand luggage.
  • Avoid last-minute excess charges or repacking your bags when you get to the airport by weighing your luggage beforehand.
  • Easily weigh your bags at home with the digital scales for a clear reading – essential kit for organising your travel.
  • The small and light portable digital luggage scale can even slip into your packing and be used for the return journey.
  • Requires a CR2032 3V Lithium battery (NOT included) which are widely available and gives the digital scale a long life.
  • Suitable for up to 40kg and accurate to 100g.

How to use the luggage scales

The scales are easy to use and intuitive. There’s just one simple on/off and reset button and the weight is shown clearly on the screen.

An attached strap going into the scale has a buckle to add your luggage. Simply unclick and strap it around your suitcase handle. It holds your luggage securely on the strong strap while you lift it to check the weight. Suspend off the floor for a moment and the scales will quickly give you an accurate reading. Then you can rearrange your bag if necessary – or find you’ve got space for a few extra clothes or home comforts.

Check everyone’s baggage – hold and hand – to avoid excess fees. Don’t forget to do the same on the way back too. You might have picked up some extra mementos, clothes or other items while on your holiday. The scales are just 10cm long and super light so they can easily slip into your bags and come away with you.

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Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions 3.94 × 1.57 × 1.57 in
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Brilliant little product. Amazing price! Simple to use. Does what its supposed to do and works fine. Very compact and handy so it meant we could pop it in our case and take it with us. Totally worth having especially these days with such extortionate charges from some airlines for going slightly over the allocated weight.

The reason I have given it 3*'s only is because
1) There was no battery included. Which I would have expected. (And the packing said battery is included) This would have been a complete nuisance if it wasn't for my mum having a pack of the flat lithium batteries (as this is not something I have in my own house)
2) I paid for next day delivery (ordered late Monday night, so expected it to arrive Wednesday. It didn't arrive until Friday; so I felt a bit cheated. Also not great as the reason I paid for next day was because we only had a few days before going on holiday. It arrived JUST in time.

If those two things hadn't happened, it would be 5*'s :)


Good for money and you can fit more than you think in it

Simple, useful

Rather than putting your suitcase on regular scales in the bathroom and then discovering that you can't read its display anymore, this handheld can weigh your luggage in split second. Up to 40kgs (at least that's printed on the device, instead of the 50kgs in the product description here online) of luggage can be weighed, if you're strong enough to keep up the suitcase, bag, or other pieces of luggage. The lightweight scales can be brought with you to be used for the return journey, hopefully enabling you to take all souvenirs home. The scales requires a single CR2032 3V Lithium battery to operate.