Using Ski Straps to Secure your Gear

Sometimes the simplest pieces of gear are the most important and often, they’re the ones you discover that you’re missing from your kit bag! 

We can become obsessed with the main pieces of equipment we need to ski, whether it’s the skis themselves (won’t get far without those…!), goggles, helmets or boots. In addition to all of that, you’ll need a means of actually carrying everything together efficiently and comfortably. 

Skiing can be exhausting and in testing conditions, rigging your equipment to maximum effect can save you tons of precious energy that you’d rather be expending on the slopes!

One such small but essential item is the humble ski strap. Ski straps are cheap and easy to use but they can really help you carry your gear safely and effectively, preventing damage to your skis and lessening the strain on your shoulders and back. 

Ski Straps – Small but Essential!

A ski strap is a tough nylon strip typically fastened with hooks and loops or velcro. Velcro is slightly easier to fasten but hook and loop setups are tougher and harder wearing. They’re quite thick and designed to be durable when faced with prolonged use in harsh conditions. 

Ski straps do what they say on the tin, they strap your skis together. This prevents skis from rubbing on each other or other equipment which is likely to rub laminate coatings and even chip or scratch the skis, permanently damaging them. Skis aren’t cheap whereas ski straps are, they’re a painless way to enhance your ski rig and secure your gear. 

Ski Straps for Security

Ski straps also keep your skis together at all times which is useful for when you pause your session for a drink or bite to eat, dropping off your skis with lots of other people’s equipment. They prevent mixups and allow you to tie your skis to your other gear for increased security. 

In summary, don’t be that person who forgets their ski straps and has to walk the slopes with their skis swinging loose, clattering together and digging into their legs and back! They’re cheap and easy to add to your kit bag – you won’t regret it!