Ski Straps (Pack of 2) – Keep Your Skis Together


Ski bands allow you to strap your skis together to stop them scraping against each other, or slipping around. The bands make skis much easier to move around. Simple to use with hook and loop fastenings, they come in a pair.


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Keep your kit together with’s ski straps.

These touch-fastening ski ties hold your skis securely to stop them sliding around while you head to the slopes. No more juggling slipping skis while you walk or get onto transport.

After a good day on the slopes, use the ski straps to keep your skis together propped up in a café or bar après-ski. They also make your skis easy to spot and stop any mix-ups.

The ski straps come in a pack of two, of strong, touch-fastening ski ties and are 55mm wide.

Why choose our ski straps?

Dropping your skis can damage them – and we all know those things don’t come cheap. But they can be a handful too. So use ski straps to stop them slipping and keep a firm hold on them. Whether you are carrying your skis, or you are using a buggy, public transport, or on the ski lift, you need to keep your skis under control.

Using ski straps is the simplest way to keep your skis together. Plus they are cheap, easy to use and quick. Compared to the stress and potential damage they are a tiny touch to make your life that bit simpler.

  • Easy handling – stop your skis slipping while carrying them.
  • Keep your skis together whenever you put them down.
  • Securely store your skis together.
  • Quickly spot your skis with unique ski ties.
  • Pack of two strong ski ties, 55mm wide.

Types of Ski Straps

There are two types of ski straps: attached or separate. Attached ties mean you can easily carry your skis by slinging the strap over your shoulder. However, this is not always ideal: an attached strap is much larger and it is more difficult to attach quickly for getting on and off lifts.

Separate ski ties mean you can attach two ties to a pair of skis for transport but you only need to carry one ski tie around on the piste. These ski ties also allow you to very quickly and easily attach a ski tie to your skis for the lifts or when in a restaurant to protect your skis. It’s a much more flexible type of ski tie.

Ski Straps FAQs

What are the ski straps made of?

Our ski ties are made of strong touch-fasteners and allow you to securely connect your skis together in order to stop the bases and edges being damaged when being handled.

How do I attach the ski straps?

Simply pull the fasteners apart and wrap the tie securely around your connected skis and then attach the two hook and loop sides. They are intuitive and easy to use as well as fast and flexible.

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