Ski Lock

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Get security for your skis with our ski lock. The long, flexible cable wraps around your skis to lock them down. Then it retracts into a small, three-digit padlock that you can slip in your pocket.

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Secure your skis using this smart ski lock! Use the retractable cable to wrap around your skis then lock it down with the 3 digit padlock. The lock is one of the smallest you will find and fits easily into your pocket or bag. You’ll hardly even notice it’s there!

Secure your skis

The long cable is perfect for strapping down your skis. Bundle them together with other people in your group or attach to a secure fitting like railings. Hold your skis in place in a ski rack, attach them to your rucksack, or add your other accessories like a helmet and gloves. The cable gives you so much flexibility in how you use it and what you use it on.

The combination padlock means you don’t have to worry about carrying – or losing – keys. A three digit combination gives you 1000 possible combinations and you can reset the code at any time if you have the existing correct combination.

Most thieves are looking for easy pickings. Just the sight of any security could be enough to deter them. This lock will avoid snatch-and-grab type thefts of your skis and other belongings.

All this security comes in a compact package. You can pop the lock into your pocket or bag and carry it around. It’s small and lightweight so it won’t get in your way. You can keep it on you so you are always ready to lock down your skis – you don’t need to trudge back to your accommodation to keep them safe.

It’s not just for skis

You can use the flexible lock to secure your suitcases, rucksacks, and other belongings. Using the cable you can easily attach your rucksack to your chair, seat, or table. A chance thief won’t be able to walk off with your belongings and you’ll be alerted if anyone tries. If you’ve ever dozed off at the airport or on a train this is the lock for you. Secure your belongings in the luggage rack on a train or bus and even at your hotel room. There are so many smart ways this lock can help you keep your belongings safe.

The essential details:

  • Black casing.
  • Dimensions are 6x8x2cm.
  • Cord length is 75cm.
  • 3 digit resettable code.

The ski lock is part of our Ski Bundle! Pick up your ski straps, socks, and this lock at a great bundle discount. Or have a lock at our other locks, alarms, and security travel accessories.

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