Do personal alarms work?

Do personal alarms work?

You would hope not to have an emergency while on your travels. But the peace of mind is in knowing that you are equipped and ready if you do. At Epic Traveller we often recommend a personal alarm but do personal alarms work? Are they all you need? Let’s find out.

Do personal alarms work?

Personal alarms have all sorts of advantages. They are small and discreet so they are easy to pop into your bag and don’t cause a fuss. They are simple to operate. But do they work?

How personal alarms work is by having an alarm system that is operated by pulling out a pin. They use a battery to supply power and have a 120dB sound. That’s outrageously loud.

This works on several levels. Setting off an 120dB alarm when someone is very close to you is enough to make them recoil in shock. It’s loud enough that it can be heard by people nearby and is recognisably an emergency alarm. So it summons help as well as scaring off an attacker or thief.

Thieves look for easy pickings and they want to operate quickly and under the radar. If you set off a personal alarm you are drawing attention and help. Most likely an attacker or thief will simply give up and run away.

As a purely preventative measure you could attach your personal alarm somewhere visible using the keyring attachment. This could be to a strap on a rucksack or handbag, or to the outside of your clothing. This can act as a deterrent and it also makes it easier and quicker for you to set off. If the alarm is attached like this you can operate it one-handed.

Plus you can rig your personal alarm to doors or windows so if they are opened the pin will pull and the alarm will sound. This gives you extra security while sleeping in your accommodation, for instance. You and your neighbours will be alerted and the intruder will be scared off.

How else can you protect yourself?

Personal alarms are a great security item but they work best with others.

As well as actions you can take to stay safe you might want to pair your personal alarm with a doorstop alarm for your room. A money belt is a great way to keep your cash, cards, and documents under wraps.

Lock down your valuables with the right padlock for the job. The ski lock has a long, flexible cable that works great for skis but also for backpacks, securing items in your room, and more.

For an ultra-secure and quick lock there’s the biometric fingerprint padlock. With no combination to forget or keys to lose it is safe and lightning fast.

Don’t forget the classic padlock. Ours are TSA-approved and come in a handy pack of three. Use on your backpacks and other baggage, not just your suitcases.

Epic Traveller has put together our top security items in a great value Security Bundle. And for more tips on staying safe download our free safe travel checklist.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash