Biometric Fingerprint Padlock

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Tired of entering and re-entering the combination on your travel lock? Concerned someone else might see the combination? Want a more secure travel lock for your cabin baggage? A fingerprint padlock could be the perfect solution…

The Biometric Fingerprint Padlock offers a secure, fast and convenient option for securing your bag (or locker). Small and lightweight, perfect for hand luggage or your day sack. Not approved for hold luggage.

The ideal fingerprint padlock for you’s Biometric Fingerprint Padlock unlocks within one second and the rechargeable battery (via USB) lasts for up to 3,000 unlocks!

It’s the latest in security for your padlock and it’s incredibly easy to use. You don’t need to worry about remembering a code. You don’t need to carry around a key or worry about losing it. You don’t need to fiddle with entering a combination. No-one can copy or steal your key or combination when it is your fingerprint.

Take all the hassle out of using a padlock. You just need to charge it very occasionally which is simple to do with a normal USB charger. 3,000 uses between charges is years of securing your gym locker or luggage.

The padlock itself is waterproof, perfect for a steamy locker room or when you are off on your travels. Its sturdy construction makes it tamper proof and strong enough to resist attempts to break or cut it. The neat, compact size won’t weigh you down but isn’t too small or tricky to use.

Opening in less than a second – without needing a key or code – is so fast and easy. The biometric reader near-instantly scans and matches your fingerprint, then releases the lock. So much faster than fiddling with keys or a combination. So much more convenient too.

You’ll quickly become a fan of the fingerprint padlock for its convenience, ease of use, and security.