Are personal alarms effective?

Are personal alarms effective?

If you are going looking for new gear you need to be sure that gear does its job. Especially when it comes to safety kit. So, are personal alarms effective?

Are personal alarms effective for travel?

When you are off on your epic adventures you want to enjoy yourself and do new things. Having some basic security measures in place gives you peace of mind that you can cope if anything bad should happen. Then you can concentrate on your travels.

A personal alarm is a small and discreet alarm that you can carry with you wherever you go. When you activate it by simply pulling the pin, it sets off an ear-splitting alarm of 120dB. The noise is enough to summon help and send the perpetrator running.

It’s not nice to think about potentially being mugged, attacked, or pickpocketed, while on your travels. But crime happens everywhere and tourists are often seen as easy – and rich – pickings.

Check out our free safe travel checklist for more on staying safe on your adventures.

Are personal alarms effective at home?

Personal alarms don’t just have to be saved for your travels. They are often used by people at home. Students coming back late from the library, people after a night out, and the elderly, all use personal alarms.

Just like when you are away, personal alarms give you that extra feeling of security and peace of mind.

You can keep the alarm in your pocket or bag, on your keys, or attached to a coat, the straps of a rucksack, or inside a handbag. Just pull the pin to set off the alarm, which you can do one-handed if you attach it using the keyring attachment.

What other personal safety gear can you use?

Personal alarms are a really effective safety measure but sometimes you need a bit more in your arsenal.

If you are going off into nature you should have an emergency whistle. Whistles can be used for signalling, by sounding them in short blasts. They work in all temperatures and you don’t have to worry about a battery. So if you are in plunging temperatures or away from civilisation for a while you will definitely want an emergency whistle.

Keep your valuables on lockdown with a padlock, and if you are travelling abroad make sure it is TSA-approved. A money belt keeps your valuables close, hidden under your clothes and out of the reach of pickpockets.

If the personal alarm is more for when you are out and about, the doorstop alarm is for overnight security in your accommodation. You lodge it under the door like a doorstop. If anyone tries to open the door or tamper with it the alarm sensor picks it up and the alarm sounds. It’s amazing peace of mind when you are staying somewhere new or in shared accommodation with strangers.

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Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash