Emergency Whistles (Pack of 2) – 120db


An emergency whistle is an essential and potentially lifesaving addition to your travel gear. This 120db emergency whistle is super-loud but also small and lightweight.

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An emergency whistle can be used to attract attention, summon help, or give a warning. It can act like an alarm if you are threatened and can scare off muggers or attackers. If you are in the wilderness hiking or camping it is a must-have survival item.

An emergency whistle is essential for camping or hiking

When you are hiking or camping you should always carry an emergency whistle. Attach it to the outside of your clothing, around your wrist or on the strap of your bag. It needs to be somewhere you can easily reach it even if you fall or are injured.

The international emergency distress signal is either three or six short bursts on the whistle (or another noise, or flashes from a torch) for a minute, then silence for a minute, and repeated. The UK and the Alps tend to use six blasts, whereas other places will use three. In either case it will be recognised as an emergency. Responders will use a similar three-blast pattern.

The sound of a whistle carries widely and the 120db provided by this whistle is powerful enough to attract help from afar.

Using an emergency whistle while travelling

Even if you aren’t injured or lost a whistle can be used around camp to scare off wildlife or alert people to fire and other issues. In your accommodation you can use a whistle to scare off intruders or attract help and alert others. It can work the same way when you are out and about – to scare off pickpockets, muggers or thieves and draw attention from passers-by who can help.

The emergency whistle comes in a pack of two. So you can give one to a travel companion, keep a spare backup, or have them in different areas of your person or luggage.

The emergency whistle is so small and lightweight it will be unnoticeable among your luggage but gives great security and could get you out of a tough situation, so don’t travel without one.

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