Webcam Privacy Covers (Pack of 5) – Suitable for Laptops, Tablets, Phones


Worried about spies hacking your webcam? Stop hackers from using your webcam against you with this super thin and low cost webcam cover. At less than 0.7mm thick, this webcam protector will not interfere with your laptop closing or your phone cover. Suitable for laptops, desktops, phones, tablets and more…


Multipack of 5 webcam covers.

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Stop hackers from taking over your webcam and spying on you and your family. This super thin and lightweight webcam cover protects your privacy online.

Hackers have been known to take control of people’s webcams to steal information, take photos, and spy on your actions. Even Mark Zuckerberg covers his webcam. If you cover up your webcam then even if the worst happens and you do get hacked there’s nothing to see.

How does a webcam cover work?

The webcam cover sticks over the webcam and has a tab that slides back and forth. It’s less than a millimetre thick – only 0.7mm! So it doesn’t get in the way of your phone or laptop closing properly or being used.

There are lots of advantages to using a proper cover, rather than a sticker. With a cover you can use the webcam as usual, whenever you want to. But when you don’t need the webcam you can cover it. It’s much more convenient to use a proper webcam cover rather than permanently use a sticker or piece of tape.

A webcam cover looks much smarter than a sticker. It’s much more professional and can even help protect your webcam. If you take off the sticker to use your webcam you could be left with a sticky, messy residue. It could even get in the way of using your camera and blur the picture.

With a sliding cover you are in complete control. A sticker or piece of paper might seem cheap and easy but it can stop you from using your webcam when you do want to. Far better to have a professional-looking and completely flexible webcam cover.

Use it on your smart TV, laptop, desktop, phone, tablet or anywhere you are worried your webcam could be compromised.

Protect yourself with a webcam cover

The threat of hacking is real. Webcams can and have been hacked to steal personal information and blackmail users. Even Mark Zuckerberg is worried about the hacking potential. He uses a sticker to cover his webcam, plus one for the microphone of his laptop.

You can go one better than that, with a real webcam cover. Look smart and stay safe at the same time.

Fitting the cover is easy! Give the surface a wipe so it is clean before you apply the cover. Peel off the backing from the 3M tape and position the cover. Hold it firmly in place for a few seconds so it can adhere properly. It will take 24 hours for the stickiness to reach full strength – so go easy on your new cover for a day after fitting.

Put your cover to work by flicking the tab across the camera. When you want to use your webcam just slide it back again. It’s so easy to use, looks good, and totally hacker-proof and secure.

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