How Do Ski Straps Work?

How do ski straps work?

You want to keep your skis safe and scratch-free but what does that have to do with ski straps? How do ski straps work? Strap yourself in, we’re going to find out.

How Do Ski Straps Work?

Ski straps are textile bands with hook and loop fastenings that hold your skis together. They are deceptively simple but can make a big difference.

Do you struggle to carry your loose skis around? Or do they slide around when you want to prop them up? Do they get scratches after you’ve transported them?

All these issues can be solved by ski straps.

The hook and loop Velcro-style straps are adjustable to the ski width. They are super-easy to attach and release. You can slip them on and off the skis or put them straight into place.

What they do once in place is hold the skis securely together. It makes the skis more manageable than if they are loose. They become one larger, sturdier bit of equipment rather than two lighter ones. Easier to handle, to keep hold of, and to store.

The other clever part is that by securely strapping your skis together you eliminate those small friction scratches. Even movement that seems smooth to us can jostle your skis together. This leaves tiny scratches on the delicate blades that affect performance and need fixing. If your skis are securely strapped they don’t rub against each other and this issue is effectively eliminated.

The straps are small and take up hardly any room in your luggage. They are just a very small, very handy, solution to a big problem.

Get Your Vegan Ski Socks Too

Our vegan ski socks offer all the breathability and technical features of regular ski socks – with none of the wool! Go vegan on the slopes without any animal byproducts in your gear.

Finding cruelty-free but high-quality ski gear can be tough. Base layers, in particular, rely on wool for its wicking properties. With cotton a no-go for the slopes, there’s not much choice. Our ski socks are made from synthetic materials with all the technical features you need from ski socks in a vegan material.

What Other Ingenious Little Inventions do you Need for Skiing?

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Don’t forget your TSA travel locks, inflatable travel pillow, and a spork or ten!

So there’s your guide to “how do ski straps work?” and a few other tips on great products that will make your ski holiday easier.

Photo by louis tricot on Unsplash