Vegan Ski Socks – Warm Synthetic Socks for Skiing and Outdoor Activities


It’s hard to find the right pair of ski socks if you don’t wear wool. These vegan ski socks don’t use any animal products but are specially designed for skiing. They are padded for comfort while skiing, and breathable to move moisture away from your feet.


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Getting the right pair of ski socks is important – but hard if you don’t want to wear wool. But these vegan ski socks don’t use any animal products and are specially designed for skiing.

These vegan friendly ski socks are padded for comfort while skiing. They are breathable and help to move moisture away from the feet, keeping you warm and dry. If your feet get damp they will quickly get cold which can ruin your day out skiing.

Vegan ski socks as alternatives to wool

Because it’s so important to keep your feet dry and warm while skiing most ski socks default to using wool. We all know cotton is a bad idea, and so is doubling up on non-specialist ski socks. But if you avoid wool for ethical reasons it can leave you short on options.

Caring about the planet you are travelling on makes sense. You want to keep your impact as low as possible. Which is why so many of our customers are vegan or want to limit their ethical and environmental impact on the world. But it can be hard to find vegan, synthetic ski socks. Not anymore!

In two sizes, medium or small, you can get the perfect fit for your vegan ski socks. They come in red and black and make a great addition to your ski gear.

So choose ski socks that are padded, breathable and vegan for a comfortable, ethical, adventure out on the slopes.

Types of ski socks

Most ski socks are made of wool and therefore are not vegan friendly! However, EpicTraveller’s ski socks are made of synthetic material and feel just like wool but are 100% vegan friendly!

Why buy vegan ski socks?

Vegan’s do not use products that contain animal products, this includes wool. It’s something that is often overlooked by garment manufacturers and vegan friendly ski socks are very hard to find! That’s why we offer our animal free ski socks.

How to look after your ski socks

After a hard day out on the slopes your ski socks need to be allowed to dry out completely. Like any clothing – if they are damp when you come to put them on the next day you will feel uncomfortable and get cold quickly. It is probably worth buying multiple pairs especially if you don’t want to be doing too much laundry while away.

Ski Socks FAQs

Are there any animal products in these socks?

No. These ski socks are 100% vegan and are manufactured using only synthetic fibres.

Has animal testing been used in the production of these socks?

Nope! Other than testing the socks on ourselves, no animals have been abused or harmed in the production of these socks!

Our Ski Sock Warranty

Get free shipping on ALL orders! What if you don’t like the socks? No problem, just let us know! We offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee and a one year durability guarantee. So if you’re not happy with your socks, just return them within 30 days for a full refund (even if you’ve worn them).

Additional information

Additional information


Small (UK 2-5 / EU 35-37), Medium (UK 5-11 / EU 38-42)



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