How to use luggage scales

Luggage scales are the unsung heroes of your holiday. Knowing how to use luggage scales, and getting a good set, saves you from all sorts of luggage-related hassles.

Avoid paying excess baggage fares and getting a nasty surprise when you get to the airport. Baggage excess charges can make that cheap flight you spent ages tracking down a lot less of a bargain.

Equally, for those cautious folks among us, make sure you make the most of your baggage allowance. You might weigh your luggage and find you can squeeze a few extra bits and bobs in.

How to use luggage scales: some tips and tricks

Luggage scales are much better and more accurate than the old “weighing yourself then with your suitcase” trick. Plus you won’t have scared yourself into skipping dessert.

Remember to take them with you for the return journey. So many people weigh their luggage at home and then leave their luggage scales. But the return journey is when you are more likely to be loaded up with souvenirs, mementos, items you had forgotten and then needed, shopping, and gifts. If you have a nice, lightweight set of luggage scales you should definitely slip them into your suitcase for the return leg.

Double check your luggage allowance. You might be remembering a previous time you travelled with that airline and they have changed since. Or remembering a different airline entirely.

Checking is especially important if you have transfers and will be using different airlines or modes of transport. Different airlines might have different limits, as might a coach, and so on. You need to pack to your lowest limit or adjust on the fly. Another important reason to take your luggage scales with you.

Make your luggage pull double duty and have as much stuff as possible be flexible, modular, and useful in more than one way. If you seriously need to keep the weight down – for backpacking or hiking – use kitchen scales and weigh each and every object. Then you can assess its usefulness to weight ratio.

Specifically, how to use luggage scales from Epic Traveller

Epic Traveller’s luggage scales are well thought out and nicely designed. The CR2032 lithium battery is much smaller and lighter than AA or AAA batteries and just as easy to get hold of.

The luggage is attached to the scales by a strap with a secure clip buckle. This is so much more flexible than the simple hook that some luggage scales come with. The strap and buckle accommodate different sizes and shapes and ways to clip your luggage to the scale. If you have unusual or unwieldy luggage this will work much better. And even if not, it’s much more secure than a hook – your luggage isn’t going to leap off and onto your foot.

Another great feature is that the main body of the scales swivels up so you can look directly down on the display when you are holding it. An incredible number of luggage scales have a display that faces outwards so you have to twist yourself to read it while also keeping your baggage off the floor, or it becomes a two-person job. With the Epic Traveller scales you simply lift your luggage and look directly down at the scales.

The display is on the main body of the scales which is subtly shaped like a handle in an ergonomic style that makes suspending even heavy luggage really easy and comfortable.

These fantastic luggage scales are so handy and easy to use. Get yours from Epic Traveller with free shipping to the UK.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash