How to Use Ski Straps

Two unassuming bits of fabric that can do so much: this is all about how to use ski straps.

They are not the most glamourous of accessories for the slopes. But, in a realm of gear that is expensive and complicated, they are simple, straightforward, and cheap.

Ski straps are the unsung heroes of your skiing kit.

How to Use Ski Straps to Save Your Skis

Does carrying your skis around feel more like juggling them? Do they slip and slide? Do the blades get scratched as they bump and rub against each other?

Enter the humble ski straps. Use ski straps to pin down those skis and get them safely and securely under control.

Ski straps are just two lengths of fabric with an easy, quick-touch hook and loop fastening. Wrap them around your skis – one towards either end. Fasten them down and your skis are firmly locked together. Job done.

So now you only have one bundle of skis to throw over your shoulder, negotiate onto ski lifts, prop up at the bar, and travel in your luggage. They are safely strapped together so there’s less risk of them falling and being damaged. They also won’t slip out of your arms so easily and slide off in what could be a rather embarrassing display!

When stored or in transit using ski straps is equally as important. Even a small amount of friction can cause the skis to rub against each other leaving scratches and rubbing against the surface. Over time a tiny amount of damage can build into something more noticeable. It saves you having to wax your skis so often, or them needing other repairs.

So that’s how to use ski straps to save yourself some stress and your skis some damage. But what else will come in handy for your skiing adventures?

Other skiing accessories you need

In the spirit of keeping things simple, like the ski straps themselves, here are a few other handy bits of kit that will make your ski trip easier.

A travel washing line is especially handy for a skiing trip as clothing is likely to get wet and outdoor drying is virtually out of the question. Hopefully, your accommodation has some facilities for drying out your clothes. There is however a possibility of it being busy or full, or you may want to keep your clothes privately in your room – ski gear isn’t cheap! We offer an awesome smart travel washing line that doesn’t even require pegs meaning it can easily squeeze into your luggage.

Use the hooks or suction pads to attach the line and twist your clothes in to hold them. Dry off and air out your socks, underwear, and any other clothes, all without needing to use your hotel’s in-house facilities!  

A biometric fingerprint padlock has the cool factor as well as being really useful. It uses your fingerprint to unlock in less than a second. That’s much quicker than code or key padlocks. Also, there’s no code to forget or key to lose which is a huge benefit, especially for the clumsiest and most forgettable amongst us!

The right ski socks can be hard to choose and never more so than if you are a vegan. Most ski socks are made of wool but ours are synthetic for great breathability and comfort that is also vegan.

Don’t forget your portable luggage scales to keep track of your baggage allowance and avoid charges when you get to the airport.

There you have it: a quick primer on how to use ski straps and some other great gear for your skiing.

Photo by David Becker on Unsplash