Do camping solar showers work?

So you are planning your summer adventures, maybe you are hitting the festivals, living the #vanlife, or looking forward to some off-the-grid camping. You need to know: do camping solar showers work? Really?

Do camping solar showers work for real?

You are thinking about using a camping solar shower because it just seems so convenient. No electricity needed, no plumbing necessary. You can enjoy a warm, private, stand-up shower wherever you like. No long queues for grubby facilities, no washing under a freezing cold standpipe, no stinking away unwashed under the summer sun.

Getting off the beaten track always sounds great until you start thinking about some of the practicalities. Like keeping clean and repelling your friends with your ripe aroma.

The answer to all your troubles looks like camping solar showers. But do they work?

We talked about how exactly these awesome camp showers work last week. You might think that’s an ideal world. But loads of epic travellers use camp showers every day to keep clean on their adventures. They are popular because they give you so much flexibility, are so easy to use, fold down flat for easy packing, and make a real difference on people’s adventures.

Camping solar showers are powered by the sun and gravity. That’s all! The black water bag heats up the water so you can have an actual warm shower. Sling it higher up and gravity will assist. The shower head is flexible and it feels like getting a real shower.

You can even level up your shower by making your very own trendy shower curtain or little cubicle. Check out some of our top camping shower ideas for your epic travels.

So wherever you are heading this summer make sure you pack your camping solar shower.

Photo by Tommaso Fornoni on Unsplash