Camping shower ideas for your epic travels

So you’ve got your great portable solar camping shower and you are ready to take unlimited warm showers with no need for electricity. You could just sling it on a tree and shower away. But most of us might want to think about getting a bit more privacy or a bit more cleanliness. So here are some fantastic camping shower ideas to really up your game.

Rather than using a plastic cover under your feet, that can gather water, make some holes in your “shower base” or use a base of wooden slats that can be folded up or rolled away.

There is plenty you can do for more privacy

These options range from a full, separate shower tent or makeshift shed, down to hanging a blanket or two. When you are choosing your showering spot, think about how you can rig up a little shelter too.

REI suggest using hula hoops to rig up a makeshift shower curtain that you can hang up. Or you can use string or your travel washing line to hang a shower curtain.

If you are staying in the same spot a little longer you might want to put a bit more effort into your showering arrangement.

Even one shower panel can make a big difference in feeling more permanent. This could even be a pallet repurposed as one wall of a makeshift bathroom. Or use some pipe to make a more solid shower curtain rod. Combine a panel and a curtain and you’ve got a very nice setup.

Don’t forget to use earth-friendly, biodegradable washing products like soap, shampoo and shower gel. You should rinse down the area you are using after each wash to dilute and wash away any build up. When you are finished with your shower, remove all the litter and all of your clever adaptations.

Photo by Andreas Rønningen on Unsplash