Using a personal attack alarm at home or abroad

A personal attack alarm gives you peace of mind whether you are travelling the world or just at home. It’s a vital piece of security kit with lots of clever uses and something everyone should think about carrying.

No-one wants to feel unsafe or worried when they are going about their business in the UK or travelling overseas. But unfortunately there is always the chance of attack or accident. When you carry a personal attack alarm you can have a little more confidence in your ability to deal with such a situation. If the worst should happen, you can

Epic Traveller’s personal attack alarm has a clear, 120dB alarm that is unmistakably loud and urgent. It’s a great way to ward off attackers or summon help.

A mugger, for example, is looking for easy pickings that will not cause much fuss. A personal attack alarm is the very opposite of that. It puts the odds much more in your favour by drawing attention. It might be that you only need to threaten to set your alarm off, in order to defuse the situation.

These people prey on the weak and a personal attack alarm is a way for you to take back some of that power.

There are plenty of other uses for a personal alarm. Students walking alone or partygoers travelling home at night are under threat of sexual assault as well as muggings. Lone workers closing up at work are vulnerable to robberies. Schoolchildren can ward away bullies or predatory adults. For the elderly it provides reassurance that should they slip or fall they can call for help, without a complicated or expensive home monitoring system.

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Photo by Saketh Garuda on Unsplash