Top gadgets for travel

There are lots of great gadgets for travel that will make your life on the road easier and more fun. Here’s our list of the top gadgets for travel.

Worldwide travel adapter

You don’t need to carry a dozen different plugs and converters with you. Or do a mad dash round the airport looking for an electronics shop. One worldwide travel adapter is all you need. The clever design lets you mix and match your sockets and outlets. There’s even a separate USB port.

Battery pack

And speaking of having power at the ready, make sure you have a backup battery pack with you. Your phone will be getting a lot more use than it does at home so keep it well charged.

Biometric fingerprint padlock

This is a very cool high tech gadget – a biometric fingerprint padlock. So much quicker than fumbling around with keys. It unlocks in less than a second. And it’s so much safer too, with no keys to lose or get stolen.

Audio jack splitter

An easy way to share a phone, MP3, DVD player or other device. Plug the jack into the normal headphone port and then plug your headphones into the jack. It splits the audio so you can watch or listen together. Perfect for those long bus or plane journeys. Plus it helps conserve battery power by only using one device at a time.

Travel door alarm

This door stop alarm is a very clever piece of kit. Wedge it like a doorstop under your closed door and it will sound an alarm if the door is opened or tampered with. Gives you peace of mind whatever your accommodation so you can sleep soundly.

So those are some of our top gadgets for travel. Check out all the Epic Traveller electronics and if you have any top tips of your own then leave them in the comments!

Photo by Omar Prestwich on Unsplash