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Browse Epic Traveller’s range of electronic travel products and find everything you need for your epic adventure. Take your travels high-tech with these amazing products to make your adventure easier and safer.

These top electronic travel products are all picked to improve your holidays. The exciting new biometric fingerprint padlock is a fast and super-safe way to secure your valuables. Make sure you don’t exceed your baggage allowance with our luggage scales. Stay safe with our personal attack alarm as well as the door alarm.

Travelling doesn’t mean giving up your gadgets and a few carefully chosen electronic travel products can make your holiday a lot easier, safer and more convenient.

How can electronic travel products make your holiday easier and safer?

Our safety and security items like the fingerprint padlock, door alarm, and personal alarm, keep you and your valuables safe while on holiday. Security is sadly something you do need to consider while you are away and a robbery or burglary can really ruin what should be a fun time.

There’s also the underwater torch for your adventures in watersports or outdoor activities. Plus the incredibly handy and helpful luggage scales to help you make the most of your allowance or avoid paying excess fees.

These smart electronic travel products include the latest in travel technology but all make your travelling easier, rather than distracting from it. It’s still a great chance to relax, unwind and enjoy your time away. These items all work quietly in the background without distracting you from the fun and relaxation of your holiday.

So a few select electronic products can enhance your travels rather than distracting from it. That’s what you will find in our collection. Just the top items to make your travelling better with a dash of technology.

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