Travel locks and more security while travelling

It’s not nice to think about something bad happening while you are on your epic travels. So protect yourself with these simple security measures. From travel locks to personal alarms, get peace of mind and adventure in confidence.

High tech fingerprint travel locks

This biometric fingerprint padlock is the latest in travel padlocks and travel gadgetry. No keys to lose or combination to forget or be overlooked. Which makes it perfect for travelling with.

It unlocks in under a second using just your fingerprint and the USB rechargeable battery lasts for 3000 uses.

Flexible travel locks

These travel locks have a cable rather than a fixed bar that make them flexible and suitable for securing all sorts of different things. The cable is strong but makes it easy to secure fiddly things like the zips on your bag. And they come in a pack of three for complete protection.

Simple travel locks

These simpler, fixed TSA travel locks also come in a handy pack of three. They are the quintessential padlock and suitable for all sorts of uses.

Door and personal alarms

A travel lock can’t protect everything though. Sometimes you need an alarm as a deterrent or to attract help. Our personal alarm is small and discreet but a blistering 120 decibels. The clever travel door alarm is designed to wedge under the door in your accommodation. If anyone tries to gain entry the alarm will sound.

Classic money belt

An old classic, the money belt. It remains a trusted safety feature for travelling. Keep your cash, cards, documents and valuables on your person and out of sight.

Don’t let your holiday be disrupted or even ruined by theft or security worries. Travel in confidence with these travel locks and more security options.

Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash