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How to use a personal alarm

Personal Alarm

A personal alarm can give you peace of mind when travelling. But not everyone knows how to use a personal alarm or why they need one.

The personal alarm itself is small and discreet. There’s a super loud 120 decibel alarm that sounds when the alarm is activated. It will scare off attackers or intruders and alert people nearby.

Wondering how to use a personal alarm? Let’s find out.

How to use a personal alarm

In this picture you can see that the cord is attached to a pin that goes into the body of the alarm. When that pin is removed the alarm is set off. It’s a simple mechanism that is easy to use.

Personal Alarm

So if you get into difficulty and need to call for help you just pull the cord and the pin pops out, sounding the alarm. You can hold the body of the alarm in one hand and pull the pin with the other. If the alarm is attached to something using the keyring you can just pull the cord.

The personal alarm is reusable too. You can put the pin back in and reset it in case of a false alarm or to use again.

How to use a personal alarm in your room

Because the alarm works by the pin being pulled you can use it to secure your accommodation too. Attach one side to the doorframe or window frame, and the other to the door or window. Then if the door or window is opened, the alarm will be pulled apart, the pin will come out and the alarm will sound.

Or you can use the specially-designed door stop alarm that wedges under the door.

So there are some tips on how to use a personal alarm and stay safe on your epic travels.

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