Alternatives to a money belt

Why do you need alternatives to a money belt? A money belt is a great way to keep your valuables, documents and cash safe. But it’s not always appropriate. Maybe you are wearing something that won’t work with a money belt. Or the items you want to secure won’t fit. So you want to look into some alternatives to a money belt.

Alternatives to a money belt

A travel safe protects valuables that you might want to leave in your room. Some are large enough to hold laptops or digital cameras. Hotels or apartments often provide a small safe, and hostels may have lockers. In either case you might trust your own safe more.

Padlocks don’t just have to be used on your locker or main suitcase. You can use them on your rucksacks and other bags too. Most thieves are just opportunists and looking for a quick, easy job. They don’t want to waste time dealing with padlocks or cutting. Padlocks can secure the zips together so bags can’t be opened, hold items together, attach straps to objects that can’t be moved.

Epic Traveller has three different padlocks from a biometric fingerprint padlock to flexible cable padlocks and trusty standard padlocks. Check out our article on travel locks and more security while travelling.

When you are out and about on your travels consider a personal alarm. You can scare off attackers or thieves and call for help at the same time. Back in your accommodation a doorstop alarm will alert you if anyone tries to enter the room. You can use a personal alarm to secure windows and doors too.

Reconsider the money belt though. EpicTraveller’s belt has a minimal silhouette and a discreet shape. There are plenty of compartments to keep you organised. And you can upgrade the strap for extra security.

Those are some of our top picks for alternatives to a money belt. Or you can mix up your security options with a combination of locks, safes, an alarm and maybe a money belt too.

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash