9 Items Every Man Needs While Traveling Abroad

While traveling to various destinations comes with area-specific vitals, some are fundamentally necessary no matter where you are in the world. Below is a list of nine items every man needs while traveling abroad.

  1. Torch

You can never tell what is in store for you after darkness falls. From open drains to slippery cobblestones, a LED flashlight is necessary as it casts a big pool of light and illuminates vast areas. If you are in the wild, opt for a head torch, so your hands are free to engage in other things.

  1. Earplugs

Though we cannot control the sources of noise, we can intervene to make it less troublesome. Quality earplugs are a necessity for every man on a trip. They come in handy in blocking aircraft noise and are perfect for people who are easily distracted by noise. Get some comfortable plugs to ensure you get sound sleep.

  1. Hat

Whether you are traveling to a place with rain or sunshine, a wide-brimmed and well-fitting hat is a must-have. Get a durable hat that is crushable for easy carriage. A waterproof one comes with the added advantage of protecting you from drenching.

  1. Knife

Every man traveling abroad should pack a Swiss knife. It has multiple uses, and you never know when it might come in handy. You might need it to dig stones, trim some broken fingernails in the wild or for the removal of wine corks. Find creative ways of packing it but do not leave it in your carry-on as it might be confiscated at the airport.

  1. Adapter Plug

Have a universal adapter plug that has three holes compatibility for 3-pin plugs and a USB charge port the better for you. You do not want your gadgets running out of charge while traveling.

  1. Zip-lock Plastic Bags

These are essential for separating items especially if you are unlikely to get a chance to unpack. You can put your dirty clothes in them, separate dry ones from wet ones as well as store any leaky items to avoid getting messy.

  1. Day Pack

This one is necessary for tossing things on during your daytime adventures. You can use it to store your water bottle, guidebook, foldable umbrella, raincoat or portable electronic devices. It can also act as a spillover bag when traveling back in case you shopped excessively.

  1. Water Bottle

Buying bottled water can be quite expensive. Carry your own with a water bottle to save. Opt for a model that stays put and is tight enough to avoid leakages and spillovers.

  1. Portable Internet Device

You can opt for a broadband modem or portable Wi-Fi router to cut on costs of airport Wi-Fi. A mobile internet hotspot can also come through for you in case you find yourself without reliable internet. Any of these will serve as an emergency backup and keep you connected even when there is no Wi-Fi.

About the author

Ian Leaf is a traveler and artist. He has been around the world since childhood. He grew up watching his mother painting, which made him develop an interest in art.