How do camp showers work?

Daydreaming about wild camping adventures this summer? You should look into a camping shower so you can set up camp wherever you like without having to worry about washing facilities. No more trekking to a shared cobwebby shed with a dribble of water, or scrubbing down under a freezing cold standpipe. You might be thinking, “Okay, but how do camp showers work? Are they that much better?”

How do camp showers work? And how to use them

The portable solar camp shower lets you set up your shower wherever you like. Rig up a stand, use a tree branch, or your car. It’s completely portable and private. Hook the bag on something above you and it’s basically a proper shower.

Camping shower in use

The sun warms the black water bag to heat the water and gravity does the job of the power. You have a proper shower head to use just like a real shower.

If you are off the beaten track it’s so much nicer to have a real shower instead of stripping off under a standpipe blasting you with freezing cold water. Or strip washing with a mucky, soapy bowl of water, or just settling for baby wipes. Wild camping doesn’t mean you have to go full Swampy.

If there are washing facilities maybe you don’t want to go near them with a ten foot pole. You can set up your camping shower anywhere, so give yourself some privacy out in nature.

It’s great for festivals too. The camping shower folds down flat so is easily packed away and very portable. It holds 20 litres, which is great for cleaning up but just slips into your rucksack.

Camp showers work without electricity, just the sun’s warmth and gravity. It’s a cheap and eco-friendly option. You don’t need to connect to any water source. So you really can use it anywhere, then pack it up and it moves with you for next time!

Photo by Jake Ingle on Unsplash