Where should personal attack alarms be kept?

Personal attack alarms are highly recommended to give you confidence and security when out and about. We’ve talked about “how does a personal alarm work?” but where should personal attack alarms be kept? Some of our advice was missing a good breakdown on where you should keep your personal alarm.

So where should personal attack alarms be kept?

The key to where you keep your personal alarm is that it should be easy to get to. There’s no point having it buried in your rucksack or floating around in the bottom of a full handbag. You might need to get to it quickly. So it needs to be close to hand.

A lot of people worry about accidentally setting their alarm off. But if you choose the right place to keep your alarm this won’t be a problem either. Also, most alarms can be quickly disabled by replacing the pin to avoid false alarms.

How to use a personal alarm has more ideas on setting up your alarm but let’s look in detail at where to keep your alarm.

Epic Traveller’s personal attack alarm comes with a keyring attachment that gives you lots of flexibility. It doesn’t need to go on your keys, or be kept loose. The keyring means you can attach it to something else. This might be a loop or strap on the straps of your backpack, so that the alarm sits over your chest. This means it is easy to grab hold of quickly. And having it attached to you means you only need one hand to pull the pin out and sound the alarm.

You could also attach it just inside your bag or a coat pocket. If you don’t want it displayed and visible for all to see then this is a good option. Sometimes showing you have an alarm can be a deterrent, but sometimes it attracts extra attention.

Finally, keep your alarm in the same place so that you can act on instinct if there is an emergency.

Photo by PHUOC LE on Unsplash