What are ski ties used for?

Maybe you’ve seen ski ties in the shops and just thought, “okay, nice, but what are ski ties used for?” Or you’ve yet to be introduced to this simple but super-convenient little item.

So we are going to talk about ski ties – what are ski ties used for, how they can make a difference to your trip, and why you need them.

What are ski ties used for anyway?

Ski ties tie your skis, right? But that doesn’t paint the real picture of what they can do for you and how they can help.

Ever felt like you were juggling your skis as they slipped this way and that while you carried them? Or painstakingly propped one up only to have the other slide and knock them both down? Ever glanced at your skis and seen one where there should be two?

That’s what you need ski ties for. Skis are expensive bits of kit and can get damaged easily. Get those unruly mind-of-their-own skis under control. Ski ties are so simple but so useful you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

The touch fastener ties securely hold your skis together. They are padded, so no scratches, and strong. They come in packs of two to use one at either end so there’s no slipping around. Slot your skis together and fasten them down.

Ski ties are used for all sorts of scenarios. Carrying your skis yourself or atop your luggage. And for storing your skis safely whether at the bar after a day on the slopes, or at home in the garage.

They are easy to whip off and crack out your skis when you are ready. The ties will then slip into your pocket or bag until you need them again.

Epic Traveller’s ski ties are fantastic value, pick up a pack or two now and keep your kit together.

Photo by Kipras Štreimikis on Unsplash