Travel washing accessories

So last week we looked at how to make a travel washing line. Well, what about all the other important travel washing accessories? These handy accessories are perfect for all kinds of epic travelers with their handy features to suit globetrotters and weekend warriors alike.

Top travel washing accessories

The camping shower is your personal, private warm shower wherever you are. It’s such a smart design – fill the bag and hang it wherever you like. It’s eco-friendly and solar powered – no need for electricity or a water supply. So whether you are camping, at a festival, or on the road, you can get a warm shower without needing to rely on dirty or busy facilities.

Here’s a smart bit of kit: a folding travel mirror. It fits easily into your luggage but gives you the flexibility to set up and shave, wash or apply makeup wherever you are. It folds flat and the plastic case protects the mirror from scratches. Fold it out and the cover also doubles as a stand. So you can get set up and use your mirror anywhere.

Everyone knows hopping on and off aeroplanes is so much easier when you only take hand luggage but there are lots of restrictions. Our travel bottle set is cabin baggage and carry on-friendly. The set of three different-sized bottles complies with all the regulations for liquids in cabin baggage and come in a clear ziplock bag. Perfect for all your toiletries.

There’s no need to compromise on feeling fresh and looking good when you are travelling. Even if you are travelling light. These handy travel washing accessories are perfect for backpackers too.

EpicTraveller has all the gear you need for your epic travels. 

Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash