How to make a travel washing line – and more clever tips

A travel washing line is right up there on our essential travel products list. It’s tiny, so it fits into your suitcase or backpack easily. It’s multi-functional so it really earns that spot in your luggage. Plus, the innovative pegless design means even less you have to carry – no need for separate pegs.

So here’s how to make a travel washing line

No more draping wet clothes over chairs and making a mess everywhere. You can set up your travel washing line anywhere. Depending on your environment and what is available, choose from the suction cup ends or the hooks. You can even tie it around a helpful support. It’s completely flexible. Hotel bathroom, hostel bunk beds, trees in the great outdoors… wherever you are you can set up your travel washing line.

The line is actually several lines twisted together. That’s your clever pegless design. Slipping your clothes between the different lines will hold them in place and stop them falling to the floor. No need to worry about the extra bulk of pegs, or all your washing slipping to the floor.

That’s how to make a travel washing line. But what else can the travel washing line do?

Use it as extra cord to hold your belongings together, set up a privacy screen with a sheet, even build a makeshift shelter or sun cover. It’s a flexible bit of kit and made extra useful with the twisting peg-free design.

Now you can do laundry or dry wet clothes wherever you are.

Once your clothes are dry try out our folding clothes hangers. They fold down to fit in your bag and let you hang your clothes while on the road.

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Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash