Backpacking accessories that pack a lot into a little package

Check out these backpacking accessories that pack a lot into a little package. Space and weight is at a premium when you are backpacking so all your essentials have to really earn their place in your bag. Browse all our backpacking accessories or have a look at our top choices below.

Catch some zzz’s on the road with our inflatable travel pillow. Whether by plane, train, or automobile, you can snooze in style and comfort. Or while propped up by your bag on the floor of an airport or train station. And it’s inflatable so it rolls down absolutely tiny to fit into your bag.

You need to secure your valuables, your luggage and your rucksack and EpicTraveller has two different padlocks for you to choose from. There’s the fixed-arm TSA-approved travel lock or a more flexible travel lock with cable. Both come in handy packs of three.

A top tip is to save time and hassle at the airport by not checking your luggage. But that means you need to keep an eye on your pack as there are more and more restrictions on what can travel as carry on luggage. Our cabin baggage carry on travel bottle set is exactly that – it complies with carry on liquid rules. There’s three different sizes in the set, perfect for all your different lotions and potions. And you can choose between white/clear, blue or pink.

A personal alarm is an unfortunate necessity. While ours is big in the noise department it is small in every other. Easy to keep in your pack or even on your keys or in your pocket. It can also be used as a door alarm.

Do you have any backpacking accessories you’d like to recommend?

Photo by Danka & Peter on Unsplash