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Is a money belt necessary in Europe?

Money belts for travel

Europe is a pretty safe place to travel. So a bit of complacency might creep in and you might be tempted to cut some corners on security. But you can never be truly safe and it’s always worth taking a few precautions. Like using a money belt to protect your valuables and documents.

So is a money belt necessary in Europe?

Could you leave a bag in a taxi in Europe?

Of course you might. Money belts don’t just protect against thieves, they keep your valuables close and on your body at all times.

Could you get pickpocketed in a busy tourist spot?

Unfortunately, yes. Europe is safe compared to many places but you are always vulnerable to petty crime. Thieves can target tourists who have their guard down.

And what effect would losing your cash, cards, tickets, car keys, passports and other important documents have on your holiday or travels?

It would be an inconvenience at best, leading to queues and administration and bureaucracy. Hours on the phone to your bank – charged at overseas rates of course. Hours at an embassy getting replacement documentation. At worst it could lead to serious disruption and distress. It might even cut your holiday short.

Is a money belt necessary in Europe? We think so. Using a money belt means you are in control of your valuables. You don’t have to leave them in your hotel room or a compromised safe. You don’t have to keep your passport vulnerable in a bag.

You don’t have to risk your holiday – you can use a money belt.

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