How does a camping shower work?

Camping shower in use

A camping shower is one of our top tips for travelling. No more queuing for busy, overcrowded showers. Or using dirty, unhygienic shared facilities. And definitely no more strip washes or washing under a freezing cold standpipe. But how does a camping shower work?

With a camping shower you can set it up anywhere and enjoy a warm shower. No electricity needed – it is warmed by the heat of the sun.

How does a camping shower work? The bag, water and placement

The camping shower works very simply and very like a real shower with a few notable exceptions.

There’s the tank for holding and heating the water. In this case it is the black “bag” section that you fill with water. Leaving this out in the sun allows it to warm up the water.

You choose where you want to hang or sit your shower. It can be placed anywhere you like, for your comfort and privacy.

How does a camping shower work? The hose and washing

Actually using your camping shower is similar to a real shower too. There’s a hose with a sprinkler that you switch on. Gravity pulls the water down, rather than it being piped like a traditional shower. But other than that the effect is pretty similar.

You can put the nozzle somewhere for a hands-free shower, as if it were attached to a wall. As long as the nozzle is lower than the bag it will still work. Or you can hold the hose for more direction and shower that way.

Using a camping shower is easy, and very like the real thing. Except this one you can fold up, pack in your bag, and take on your travels! If you’ve been wondering “how does a camping shower work?” there you go!