Our top 3 traveling accessories

Traveling accessories need to justify their space in your luggage – a competitive spot – and one of the best ways to prove their worth is to do double or more duty. The smartest, most versatile traveling accessories really pull their weight. Here are EpicTraveller.co’s top picks…

Top traveling accessories for your epic travels

The money belt may not be trendy but it is definitely essential. Our low profile waterproof money belt sits unobtrusively under your clothes and has zippered pockets for all your important documents, cash, cards and valuables. You don’t want your holiday ruined by theft or loss of your money or documents. That’s hours on the phone to your bank back home, or queueing at the embassy for an emergency passport replacement.

Travel washing lineTalking about versatile, this travel washing line is one clever – and tiny – bit of kit. Do your washing and laundry anywhere and hang your clothes up to dry with the clothes line. It has suction cups as well as hooks to attach it anywhere and it’s super-smart pegless design means you don’t need to carry bulky pegs. If you need to dry off some soaked clothes or just want to do some essentials overnight it is the perfect solution. No relying on the facilities or having to pay.

And finally, a personal alarm. It’s not nice to think about but having a personal alarm among your traveling accessories lets you travel with confidence. Our 120dB super-loud personal alarm scares off attackers and attracts help. Use it as an attack alarm or rape alarm plus, the versatile little thing can even be used as a door alarm. Attach one side to the door handle, the other side to the door frame and if the door is opened it pulls the pin and sounds the alarm, alerting you to anyone trying to enter your room.

Got any top tips for the best traveling accessories?

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash