Ear plugs and travel pillow to the rescue

It can be tough to get good rest while you are on the road. Plus you want to be full of adventure for all your adventures. Travelling, jet lag, unfamiliar beds, noisy hostels or hotels, all make it hard to get the shut-eye you need. But ear plugs and a travel pillow will save the day – or night.

Ear plugs are heroes of travel accessories. They might be tiny but they do an important job. The ear plugs will block out the noise of a busy street when you are trying to sleep at night. Or the sound of other passengers on a plane or bus. So you can relax without any distracting noise and have a restful sleep. After your nap or the next morning you will be full of energy and ready to go.

EpicTraveller.co’s ear plugs come in a handy pack of five so you always have some on hand or can share them out among family or friends. Each has their own little case to keep them organised and together so they don’t get lost in your luggage.

You might try to snatch some sleep waiting at an airport or in an uncomfortable seat on a plane or bus. Maybe you want to have a nap but you can’t get comfy or end up with a crick in your neck. You need an inflatable travel pillow.

The travel pillow from EpicTraveller folds down flat and takes up virtually no room in your luggage. But you can whip it out whenever the opportunity to catch some zzz’s arises. It fits snugly around your neck in a U shape and will provide your neck and head with support in any position.

Ear plugs and a travel pillow mean you can make the most of your epic adventure and get some rest even when you are on the go.

Photo by Maeghan Smulders on Unsplash