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Ear plugs are an essential travel item and this handy ear plug set by has you covered.

Soft ear plugs are great for use on planes, trains and any kind of travel when you need some peace and quiet. Our pack of five is perfect for the whole family or to keep as spares. Assorted colours help keep the ear plugs organised and they come with their own plastic case for protection and easy packing.

  • Handy five-pack of ear plugs for travelling and long journeys, for sleeping or getting some peace and quiet.
  • Sleep soundly whether on transport or in a noisy hotel room.
  • Soft, comfortable ear plugs to reduce noise and help with pressure in the ears when flying.
  • Various colours of ear plugs in a pack with a protective plastic case for packing and carrying.
  • A must-have for all types of travel and for the whole family – our pack of five is great value.

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