Share music on the road with a headphone splitter

Take your music on the road with you – and share it with your travelling companions using a headphone splitter.

Music transcends language barriers. The biggest popstars are icons all over the world, the biggest tunes are known everywhere. It’s an amazing way to bond with people, over a common love of music or sharing your favourites.

You don’t have to hand over your headphones if you want someone to hear your favourite piece. Using a headphone splitter you can both listen at the same time and really share the experience.

A headphone splitter, or audio jack splitter, has a 3.5mm jack like normal headphones that plugs into the audio port of whatever device you are using. But instead of going directly to earbuds, it then splits again, giving you two new audio jack ports to plug your actual headphones into.

It doesn’t just have to be for music either. Watch a film together on a long journey to pass the time.

Some of’s top tips for listening to music while off on your epic travels…

  • Addicted to Spotify? With Spotify Premium you can download your favourite albums, tracks and playlists to listen to anytime. Might be worth splashing out on for a month so you can listen without wifi.
  • Many people now listen to music on their phone, using it as an MP3 player. It’s handy to have to carry less gadgets. But when you are travelling a dead phone battery could be a real problem. A separate, small, easy to charge MP3 player might be a good idea.
  • If you are travelling in a pair or a group you can carry less gadgets or conserve battery life by sharing an MP3 player or phone and using a headphone splitter to listen together.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash