Ski bands to the rescue for little travel problems

When you are travelling and heading off to the slopes for some skiing you just need things to be simple. The little annoyances of everyday life should be banished as far as possible, so you can relax and concentrate on the finer things in life.

Unfortunately, travelling often throws up more of these little problems. And some of them can really derail your day, waste time and create unnecessary hassle.

EpicTraveller’s clever travel accessories set out to fix these problems.

Enter ski bands, a simple idea to fix your skis together with Velcro that will make a big difference. The bands hold your skis together while you are carrying them, when they are being transported with luggage, or propped up in a bar or cafe for an apres-ski session.

No more slipping around, falling or getting separated. You can also use the ski bands to quickly identify your skis from any others.

Some other handy travel accessories include the luggage stacking strap and luggage connection strap. They hold your luggage together so there are no spills at the airport and in transit. Secure your bags to each other so nothing slips or falls off the baggage trolley. The luggage stacking strap is especially handy when you have a smaller bag such as a laptop.

You also won’t want to be without portable luggage scales so you can keep an eye on the weight of your luggage and avoid any extra fees and charges. Secure your luggage, bags, skis and other items with our flexible travel luggage lock with cable.

Travel with less hassle thanks to our ski ties and other handy travel accessories.

Photo by asoggetti on Unsplash