The portable shower – solving camping’s big problem

Portable Shower Camping Bonfire

There’s nothing like being in the great outdoors. Living in the fresh air, eating outside and sleeping with only a thin layer of canvas between you and the stars. Camping is a perfect way to get back to basics in the modern world and slow down the pace of life. It’s easy to paint an idyllic picture of camping, at least for those who don’t have a phobia of spiders and other creepy crawlies.

Many campsites have great facilities and all the mod cons. Glistening shower blocks, electric hookups, games rooms, shops and cafes. This and the increasingly popular glamping, is not a style of camping for everyone, however.

Even if we prefer the more secluded, back to basics approach there’s something no-one prefers: getting smelly and dirty with greasy hair and having to wash under a freezing cold tap in the corner of a field, or not washing at all. If you are camping at a festival things take on a whole new dimension of queueing for muddy showers in the company of hundreds of others.

It’s not ideal and it’s a serious downside to camping. Living simply and taking a break from the rat race is one thing – maintaining basic personal hygiene is quite another.

What about using some sort of portable shower?

The solution is the camping portable shower. No puritan camper can scoff at this and there’s nothing “mod con” about it but it will make all the difference to your camping experience. Hang it up on a tree in a discreet corner somewhere, fill with water and let the water heat up in the sun. (If at this point you are thinking, “Sun? What sun?” it’s still better than washing under a standpipe.) Then you use the nozzle for a much more convenient portable shower-like experience.

EpicTraveller’s solar camping shower is a fantastic deal and will massively change your camping experience.