Travel accessories for men

Travel accessories for men

EpicTraveller has a fantastic range of travel accessories for men. We believe life is a journey, not a destination. So we have everything you need for your own epic travels. To make life easier, keep you safer and get more out of your own journey.

Travel accessories for security

To keep you safe and secure EpicTraveller has everything you need. We have two different money belts – your standard money belt and an extra-secure travel belt. To look after your luggage we have two different padlocks – a TSA-approved fixed padlock and the more flexible cable padlock. A door stop alarm keeps you safe in your accommodation and a personal alarm gives you peace of mind when out and about.

Travel accessories to tackle the hassle

When you are travelling it’s pretty common to pause and think about some great invention that would make life easier. These travel accessories take the hassle out of travelling. Hang up your clothes anywhere with our compact, folding clothes hangers. They take up next to no room in your luggage but keep you looking wrinkle-free.

Our audio jack splitter is great for on the plane, train or bus when you want to share your music with someone. And sneak in a snooze in comfort with our inflatable travel pillow.

Travel accessories for men from

Not only do we have all the gadgets and travel accessories for men, we have all the extras to make your travel plans go off smoothly. With discounts available and great deals on sales you get the best value. Plus free delivery on all our items and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.