Money belts for travel

Money belts for travel

Off on holiday this year and want to make sure your cash, cards, important documents and passports stay safe and secure? You don’t want your holiday ruined by theft or loss, having to spend hours on the phone to your bank or queuing at the embassy. Protect yourself by using money belts for travel and reduce the chance of having your valuable stolen.

Keeping your possessions safe: money belts for travel

A money belt is ideal for travel and allows you to discreetly keep your valuables on you at all times. You might not want to leave your money or documents in your room. What happens if there’s burglary? Or you might not feel comfortable even leaving them in a safe without knowing who could have access. In some countries you might need to be able to produce important documents if asked when you are out and about or might need them for something. But carrying them in a pocket or bag isn’t secure enough.

Money belt ideal for travel

The money belt goes under your clothes to be hidden from view. It can’t be grabbed and stolen like a handbag or any exterior bag. Other people won’t even know it’s there. As it is so close to your body and under your clothes it is safe from pickpockets or opportunist thieves. Nor can you accidentally leave it anywhere or drop it.

We offer two options: our popular low-profile and waterproof standard money belt or the extra-safe travel security belt with a metal buckle and hidden pocket. Both are designed to blend in beneath your clothes and be unnoticeable. They have multiple zipped pockets to organise your valuables. Money belts can fit cash, traveller’s cheques, bank cards, passports, visas, tickets, important documents, jewellery and valuables.

To make sure your travel goes off without a hitch we have even more security products like our TSA-approved padlocks and a door stop alarm.