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The ingenious travel door stop alarm

Your security can be a big concern when you are travelling. While part of the fun is getting out of your comfort zone, doing new things and meeting new people, there is an element of danger to that too. Rundown hostels with rickety doors full of strangers are not uncommon encounters. Even in the more upmarket hotels it pays to be careful.

It’s a nightmare scenario – but what happens if someone tries to break into your room while you sleep? With the travel door stop alarm what will happen is a super loud 120 decibel alarm ringing out. It scares off the intruder, wakes you up to the danger and alerts everyone nearby.

It’s an ingenious solution to an all-too-common problem. You just tuck the wedge-shaped alarm under your door as you would a normal door stop. Switch it on at the back and you can also choose from high, medium, or low sensitivity. Then you can go to bed safe in the knowledge that no-one is breaking into your room unnoticed. The pressure plate will sound the 120db alarm if it is triggered by anyone trying to open the door. It’s easy to switch off in case of false alarms or when you are ready to go again in the morning.

Our personal attack alarm doubles as a door alarm too. Normally kept on your person as a rape alarm it can also be attached to the door and the frame so that when the door is opened the pin is pulled and the alarm sounds.

Avoid having to worry about safety and security when you are travelling by preparing with a door stop alarm.

Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash

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