Rape alarm and personal alarm options

Rape Alarm

You don’t want to think about needing a rape alarm or personal alarm when you are away on your travels. But having an alarm will give you that extra sense of security knowing that you can deal with any situation quickly and effectively. 

So when you are picking a personal alarm or rape alarm here are some options to think about.

Events can turn bad in a second so you need to know how to use your personal alarm. This means putting in a bit of practice beforehand. Make sure you can activate it quickly and that you keep it in the best pocket, or on your keychain, somewhere you can get to it easily. This practice means you don’t want a single-use alarm and you need to be able to deactivate it simply, usually by re-inserting the pin. Test it out and make sure you are comfortable with how the alarm works.

Try learning a few words for emergencies in the local language. Even if you are travelling somewhere English is widely spoken not only is being able to speak a few words polite but in an emergency they could summon help faster. It’s often said that shouting “help” or “rape” isn’t the most effective – so try “fire” instead.

What is a rape alarm?

Of course with a rape alarm like our EpicTraveller.co personal alarm and its super-loud 120 decibel alarm there’s no doubt you need help. The personal alarm can even be used as a door alarm by attaching one side to the handle and the other to the door frame so the pin is pulled if the door is opened.

A personal alarm is one of those things you take away with you hoping you never have to use. But having a personal alarm with you will give you the confidence to fully enjoy your holiday.

Types of rape alarm

There are three common types of personal alarm. These different types are useful for different circumstances…

Pendant or trinket alarms can be hung off a bag or round your neck. These can be useful for elderly people (in case of danger and falls) and also for children (hanging off their bag).

Wrist worn personal alarms are worn like a watch. This type of rape alarm can be quite discreet and is ideal if you are concerned about your safety at night in an unsecured area.

All purpose rape alarms combine multiple features to be a great all round personal alarm. The best rape alarms combine a loud alarm in a small, versatile unit.

Our personal alarm can be attached to a keyring, hung off a bag or kept in a pocket. Plus, it has an additional feature as a door alarm; connect the keychain to one side of the door latch/handle and the pull cord to the other side of the door frame and then, when someone tries to open the door, the alarm will be triggered. This is great for environments where your room may be broken into with you inside.

Advantages of a rape alarm

It is incredibly important to note that having or using a rape alarm must not allow the user to be lulled into a false sense of security. You should never place yourself in any greater danger than you would be happy with even without any personal alarms or personal safety devices. The purpose of a rape alarm is to help alert others of your troubles when your best laid plans have gone wrong.

A rape alarm can be useful in a number of surprising scenarios. Obvious scenarios where it might be useful include personal attacks and home or room invasion. However, other situations where a personal alarm can come in handy include natural disasters (to attract the attention of responders or bystanders), personal injuries (such as falls) and health problems (such as collapse).

Rape alarm FAQs

How do I trigger my rape alarm?

Generally, all you’ll need to do is pull the cord or press a button. On the EpicTraveller.co alarms, you simply need to pull the black cord. However, you will need to have removed the clear tab on the outside of the battery compartment in order to enable the device (remove this when you first receive the device).

How do I replace the batteries?

The batteries can generally be replaced by removing the back side of the personal alarm.

How can I test the alarm?

Testing a rape alarm is very easy – simply pull the cord or press the button! Most alarms are quite loud though so you may wish to muffle the noise using a pillow or by cupping your hand around the alarm. Make sure you test your alarm regularly in case you need it!

Rape alarm warranty

EpicTraveller.co gives a one year warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all our products (including our alarms). This means that you can always return your alarm within 30 days if you’re not happy with it. If it breaks within a year, then you we’ll send you a free replacement!